Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday

whe-hoo!! Fat Tuesday!!!! party your ass off!!!

well... here we are, on the verge of another Lenten Season.

Lent usually makes people (read: Catholics) groan and sigh as they recount all that they're 'giving up' this year.

I'm not too far off that path myself.

Last night, I was teaching my CCD class, and we talked about Lent. Actually, I remembered this wednesday was Ash Wednesday this past Saturday, because Troy and I are trying to make plans to go out to dinner to make up for all the bitch-ass hours he's been working lately. The original plan was that his work buddy and his wife, Troy and I would go out this wednesday, but then I'm like... ooooooh NO! I'm not having the CEO pay for my dinner on Ash Wednesday! we need to wait a week so I can get a real damn dinner out of it!

so anyways... we were talking about Lent last night, and it dawned on me that I have no idea what I'm going to do for this Lenten Season. as of 10 this morning, I'm thinking no drinking and no fast food, and maybe no desserts.... which is DOABLE, but if next month's pms is anything like this one was... I could be biting off more than I can chew.

I don't know. I still have another day at least.

In the meantime, I feel compelled to REALLY celebrate Fat Tuesday and eat and drink as much crap as possible today. Just in case I go the high road tomorrow. plus I think better after I've been drinking, so I might really be able to hone in on the Lent thing after I sit down with a bottle of vino.

of course I could always start trying to be NICER, or use less curses.... but with all the single-parenting I've been doing lately, I don't know if that's possible. (did I MENTION Troy worked until 2:52 am last night??? yeah.. and back to work by 8am. oh well.. those five hours were QUALITY hours together, lemme tell you! nothing says married love like hearing your man snore and fart in his sleep for 5 hours as you lay awake just wanting SOMEONE to talk to. That can use complete sentences, and doesn't call everything 'baaahhhl' and always say "mowah" and "HI!", that is.)

but I digress.

tomorrow Lent begins, and that means we're getting close to Easter, which means that both my folks and Troy's folks will be visiting us. and I'm a few weeks away from my trip to DC. (hmm... perhaps I SHOULD re-think the no-drinking thing!)

Yesterday was my friend Jenni's birthday.... I meant to say something, but I got all caught up in posting the RULES to the Cze-bingo that I forgot to mention it. So Happy Birthday, Jenni!

In other birthday news... my Grandmother (my mom's mom) turned EIGHTY NINE on Sunday. Eighty fucking nine! phew! I called her, and we talked for about 15 or 20 minutes. She can be a staunchy old bag, but after 89 years on this planet.. who can blame her???

Today is the birthday of Katy (who just found out last week that she's having a girl!) and my dear sweet friend's oldest son, Jack. He was born on the day of the big earthquake in Seattle, five years ago... so that's pretty cool; even though at the time, my friend Renee was scared shitless. hell, we all were! Anyways.. happy days to Katy and Jack!

so that's all for now. I'm off to change our bed linens, because Troy has taken to sleeping naked again, and he sweats like a pig. SO not sexy! bleh!

Have you signed up for Cze-Bingo yet???

don't miss out! check out the RULES, and join in the fun!

PS... for all of you who signed up and haven't REALLY read the rules... you can not check off your squares until TOMORROW. Only NEW POSTS from March 1st onwards will be applicable to the game.

Also, at this point, only 9 people have entered the competition.. so with 5 prize categories; your chances of getting something are pretty good.

enjoy yourselves today, gang... and please... keep your shirts on!


greekchickie said...

Wow, a lot of Birthdays today! I have one posted on my bloggy too.

I can't wait for tomorrow! This game is gonna be so much fun!


Porq said...

Old Man Murph would be proud of the "GREEN".

As a matter of fact, I think I'll have "ONE" for the old boy!!


Jenni said...

What a cute little tushie....and love her curls!

Thanks for the b-day wishes!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the EPISCOPALIANS!!!

heck yes we observe Lent!

I'm giving up Blogging.


One year I gave up soft drinks, another year chocolate.
That was a long Lenten season that year buddy!

Seeing as how we haven't been to church in oh....2.5 years I would say that we probably aren't following it this year.

I am all signed up and I am ready to PLAY!
I printed out my card and even put it in a plastic protector!
(david bought a pack of like 100 when I only needed 10 of them)

Laina said...

I should observe Lent just to lose weight. But...it ain't going to happen!! I'm going to hell.

Susie said...


Hm Lent...Lent Lent Lent.. what to lsoe what to lose. I mean it supposed to be something that isn't EASY, right so I can't say I'm giving up the glue sniffing if I never started...(maybe). Not sure yet either.

Oh and Dan had gas so bad the other night I dreamt of his farting. How bad is that?

Wethyb said...

You're hilarious. I'm way off the Lenten path these days. I even graduated from a Catholic high school and look where it got me! Such is life :)

Love the "Fat Tuesday" picture. Too cute!

gina said...

i am not giving up anything. lol.

Jenni said...

Susie, I am laughing so hard at your farting dream!!! OMG too funny!!!!

I'm not giving up anything. I already know I don't have the willpower, so why bother? We are starting a wellness program at work where our leader wants us to give up something unhealthy or do something healthy for the time of Lent...it just ain't gonna happen.

ZuphChic said...

My husband decided to give up swearing for lent...I give him ONE WEEK! :)

Barbara said...

Sign me up for Bingo!

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