Monday, February 27, 2006

Cze-Bingo Fever Rules!!!

well.. I don't know if I was trying to say that Cze-bingo Fever Rules as much as I was trying to say that these are the rules to Cze-Bingo Fever....

but when in Rome... whe-hoo!!!

CZE-BINGO FEVER RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so now... after that little pep rally... here are the rules!

- Cze-Bingo Fever is just like regular BINGO... only better. 'cause it's mine.

- Anyone with a working e-mail address can enter. Cze-bingo is not exclusive to bloggers.

- Each participant will receive a UNIQUE Cze-Bingo card to use for the duration of the game.

- To receive a Cze-Bingo card...(and consequently be considered a contestant) you must E-MAIL ME before 7:00 am EST, Wednesday, March 1st. I'm not kidding. you snooze, you lose... so why don't you enter your ass now before you forget?

- upon receiving your request for a Cze-bingo card, I will reply with a link to your numbered card. That's right... I'm keeping the originals, so no cheat-baggers up in here. Here's a sample of what your card could look like:

- your card number will appear in the lower RIGHT HAND CORNER of your Cze-Bingo card. DO NOT LOSE YOUR CARD NUMBER!!!! consider it your claim number in case you end up winning big.

- Game begins WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1st, 2006, and continues until all possible winning situations have been achieved.


- 'check off' a square as it corresponds to any of my NEW blog posts beginning MARCH 1st, 2006. For example.... if, during one of my blog posts, I begin to ramble on about Troy, you may cross off that square on your Cze-bingo card.

- Each 'cze-bingo' card comes with a "free space" in the center. just like the old fuddy-duddy game of bingo... consider this square already checked off.

- All 'less than' or 'more than' squares mean IN ONE SINGLE POST.

- The 'unique comments' square means 20 or more different commentERS, so don't be filling up my comments with 20 comments saying the same shit. I want different people, people! TWENTY of 'em. at least!

- Only ONE winner per game category. In case of two people claiming "Cze-Bingo" on the same day, prize will be awarded to the FIRST person to leave a comment... provided they are indeed a winner after verification.

- Prizes will be awarded for the following game categories

- FIVE IN A ROW --- across, down or diagonal. ... 'nuff said.
- BIG BOX --- the top and bottom rows completely
checked off, as well as the first and last columns.
- BIG X --- both possible diagonals completely checked off.
- INNER SANCTUM --- check off all the squares that are
NOT on the edge of the card.
and finally...
- THE BIG CROSS --- do it to the center row and column.

- Sorry, but you can only win once. and no complaining. if you WIN, that's GREAT!!! No need to get greedy, you know?

- If you think you've got a Cze-Bingo..... LEAVE ME A COMMENT on the most recent post! Please state your card number in your comment, and I will cze-cze-check it out.


- I may or may not accept bribes to blog about certain subjects. Hey... my game, my rules. I say I can be bribed, well then... there you have it!

- any questions, concerns, or regular chit chat can be sent to me. I will announce any changes or clarifications to the rules, as well as update this post to reflect any changes.

- have fun!!!



Q - So when you say "blogging about shit", do you mean shit literally or do you mean, just blogging about whatever?

A- I mean shit. as in out of someone's ass. mine, someone else's, or hell... even both at the same time. But I like the way you think, cause usually I ain't got shit to talk about. but for the game... you will be wanting shit. caca. doo-doo. poopies. you get the point.

Q- And "blogging about my ass" do you mean about your actual ass or just talking about yourself?

A- I'm quite fond of my own derrierre. I often make references to it; sometimes on Biblical Porportions. Whether I admit that I'm talking out of my ass, or posting how Troy grabbed my ass and made a moo-ing sound and almost got de-penised for it (which, by the way, would be an added bonus for you because I would also be talking about Troy... ) but you get the point. Besides.. I'm an ego-maniac and ALWAYS talk about myself.. where's the fun in that??? No.. I'm appealing to the Sir-Mix-A-Lots in all of you; I want you beggin' for a piece of that bubble!

Q - I don't understand.."less than three (3) uses of "anyways"???

A- I can see how this would be confusing. if you see the word "anyways" three or more times in a new post.... you don't get to cross off the square. Take note, though... 'anyway'... as in singular, and probably actually using the term correctly instead of the typical poor excuse for a transition like I always do... well that's just a normal word. we're looking for "anyways". In a sentence, on its own, or just listed three times to be a frigid bitch that I can be.... less than three... circle gets the square.

Q - And since the contest started on Wed, can we count Wed-Fri as a full week, or do we have to wait til NEXT week to check off that one, if we comment every day next week, that is?

A - Rumor has it that in some states like TEXAS, a week means seven days. I know.. I know... crazy! but too bad. you can start your comments on any day, but you best be prepared to bring that shit (note... not the shit-shit... just the figurative talking shit-shit) for a full seven days. in a row. you miss a day... you miss your square. PLEASE NOTE.... if I do not have a new post at the time of you logging in, you MAY comment on a previous post. I just need proof you're visiting me every day for a whole week.

Q - does "old man" constitute blogging about troy?

A - Old man refers to my dad. He who calls me Frigid Bitch. the Porq. Johnny, and other various aliases he goes by. but no. not Troy.


Porq said...

Does this "BINGO" make you a CATHOLIC????


oh yeah, send me a card!!

gina said...

email me a card! i cant get microsoft outlook to work to email you. i wanna play!!

Chief Slacker said...

I have hereby read the rules. Though a do have one question, are the prizes better for the bigger ones like the Big Box and the cross? Is it better to hold out for the bigger one to get a cooler prize? And if someone submits a win, but someone else already has taht win, can they keep going and get a bigger one? Ok so that was three. Sue me! :O) hehe

Wethyb said...

DOH! I thought that was Troy! Dammit all :) Thanks for the clarifications though :) You're so hilarious. And I promise my questions weren't to get you to comment :)