Sunday, February 05, 2006

To the lady behind us in Church today.... is FAR more disrespectful to LOUDLY carry on for 10 minutes DURING COMMUNION about how kneeling is better than standing and standing is far better than sitting for showing respect to Jesus.

From those of us whom you made sure you claimed are putting "personal comfort" before our respect for our Lord and Savior.... SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!

And not that it matters... because apparently you feel you are the Captain of the Holier-Than-Thou team.... but Msgr. Bellow has announced several times that until our new church building is completed... it is perfectly acceptable (and ENCOURAGED) that people SIT during traditional times of kneeling during Mass. But maybe you didn't come those weeks. or were TALKING TOO LOUD TO HEAR HIM!!!!!

most sincerely....
the horribly disrespectful CCD teacher SITTING DOWN and trying to PRAY INSTEAD OF TALKING DURING COMMUNION.


john boy said...

Amen, Sister!

greekchickie said...

I've been to many Catholic services & I've been thru more Greek Orthodox services than I can count. The lady needs to go home, obviously. If you can imagine, the Greeks kneel, sit, stand, kneel, sit, stand... repeat... every few minutes. She'd never make it.


gina said...

sheesh, some people!!

Hänni said...


This lady sounds like she's related to the one at my friend's church. During a hymnal, my friend's austic brother was apparently singing with too much gusto.

The kid's austic - he was just praisin the Lord in the best way he knows how. But apparently the Lord doesn't like it when you sing with enthusiasm and/or volume - so sayeth the Church Lady.

Susie said...

Well that ain't right!

Life Of Abbreviations... said...

That's a great post. I come from a very old traditional Irish Catholic church. You stand, sit, and kneel when appropriate. And dang it you sing. Even if you suck. Freekin mouth the words if you have to.
Some of the newer catholic churches have abolished the traditional pew setting and replaced it with nice compfy padded chairs. No kneeling, just standing and sitting.
But my question...did Jesus have a nice compfy shoulder pad when he had to carry the cross? No! Wood on shoulder....translation, park your sorry butt on that hard wooden bench for one hour a week and show him that you are minimally sacrificing a bit of uncomfortness for about an hour when he died for our sins...

NO offense to any non catholics in the hizzz ouse!
Peace out!

Anonymous said...

I'm Episcopalian. I always kneel but I would never ever dare to talk about ANYTHING during communion! Unless maybe something was on fire!
Good grief.

It is a personal choice!
Just be glad some young people are there or the church would die with her...old hag.