Thursday, February 23, 2006

Give a little bit

so orginally I was being bummed today about Troy having to work late AGAIN tonight... but then I started thinking about my friend on the street who's husband is gone for over a week on business, and she's got a three yr old and a 9 month old.

Then I was thinking about Jewl... who's been holding on her own for WAY too long while her husband is in Iraq.

suddenly... things don't seem as bad. AT least I know Troy WILL be home at some point tonight... even if by 2am.

so... to turn my frown up-side-down... I invited my friend on the street with her two kids over for dinner tonight, AND I'll be delivering dinner to Troy and his workbuddy tonight at the office. Got to give a little bit back, you know?

SO this is good. This kind of give-to-someone-else is what I need to help shake the RAGING sense of PMS that I've been dealing with. raging. did I say RAGING??? yes. I mean RAGING! Like eat the SHIT out of a frozen pizza and fried chicken and ice cream and CHOCOLATE!!!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE'S CHOCOLATE IN THIS HOUSE THAT'S NOT IN MY MOUTH?????????

I can't explain it. well.. I mean, I *CAN*... it's this whole hormonal imbalance or shift or surge or something that happens when you enter into the last phase of your cycle. so all this fun is then followed by a WEEK of BLOOD! oh. What's that?? oh.. you understand how PMS works??


anyways... chocolate and I... well.. honestly.. I couldn't give two shits about it. but once a month... HOLY MOTHERFUCKER!!!! Step AWAY from the HERSHEY'S!!!!! and once I eat so much that I go into a sugar-induced COMA, and all that is left is a slight strand of brown-colored DROOL dripping out the corner of my mouth... I'm fine!!! F-I-N-E ... FIIIINE. don't need the shit for another month.

Perhaps I *shouldn't* be having people over until the beast is quelled?? I mean.. God forbid my friend dresses her little 9-month old boy in brown today... I might gobble his ass up like Mariah at a buffet???

no worries, dear readers... I have some syrup downstairs... I promise to have a few shots of chocolate milk before they come over. NO baby-eating tonight if I can help it.

Anyways.. so in my delirious state of hormonal FURY... I've decided that the ENTIRE HOUSE needs to be CLEANED!!!! shower stall?? SCRUBBED!!!! carpets?? VACUUMED!! (btw.. apologies to the entire state of north carolina... I didn't realize rhena would end up screaming THAT much from the vacuum) Hardwoods?? oh, yeah.. glutton for punishment that I am.. I've been on the hands and knees wiping them down with my orangeglow mister bottle and shammy. (I realize shammy is spelled otherwise like shaomie or some other weird way.. but SHAMMY is how I'm spelling it today, ok??????)

** pauses to take a shot of chocolate milk ***

ok... sorry. where was I?

anyways.. I'm on this cleaning frenzy, in hopes to displace my PMS RAGE into a nice and shiny house. AT the very least I'm getting a good workout, a clean house, and the energy being used gives a justifiable reason for eating like a complete SLOB. at LEAST for the next few days, right?

eh.... screw it. maybe I'll make those meatballs chocolate-covered afterall.

have a fabulous day, chilluns'..... tune in MONDAY for more info about my upcoming contest!


greekchickie said...

Oh gosh! I have SOOOO felt this way!

I have resorted to eating cocoa powder before. No milk ~ just the powder.

And chocolate chips. Out of the bag.


Anonymous said...


I love the stuff.


Lindor chocolate truffles dark chocolate...OMG


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Susie said...

I'm here obsessing over you. And drinking a starbucks mocha - highly recommend for the chocolate fix.

Check your voicemail.

Oh and I was totally expecting a post about the collagen lipped cross dresser friend of Patricks on American Idol last night.

gina said...

dont tell anymore AI secrets till i catch up today on all of my tivoed shows. lol. i love AI>

damn girl. you dont need chocolate you need a valium (or two). wanna hook up? ROFL just kidddddingggg

have fun tonight- what are you cooking?

Angela said...

Can you come and clean my house next? I would, but I can't get my butt off of the couch! ;-)

Enjoy your chocolate, and sorry about the PMS.

ZuphChic said...

It's all about putting things in perspective, isn't it?

The best PMS fix? Buckeyes! It's basically peanut butter balls sweetened with a couple of pounds of confectioner's sugar dipped in Ghiradelli chocolate...TO DIE FOR!

Liza said...

give a little bit. give a little bit of your love to me. i heart supertramp and i heart you for using supertramp as a title.

lmfao step AWAY from teh hersheys!! HAHA!! you never cease to bust my shit up.

hope the pms goes away quickly!!

Kari said...

I hear ya girl! Ian offered to take me to eat after his Dr. appt. I said yes and then..he wanted to sit at the bar, since he wasn't really hungry. We pony up to the bar and what do I order? A big ass glass of milk and the biggest most delicious Oreo chocolate cake hot fudge sundae you've ever seen!


I've been on this junk food kick for about a week. Hope it ends soon...or do I ;)

Nick said...

Please tell me that this injectable chocolate is available on the retail market and/or comes in an IV bag to maintain constant blood levels...

CheekyMoo said...

It's very funny that you type about this. Kaitlyn was Miss PMS this week just irritated, cleaning her room like a wild woman, and asking for chocolate left and right. Her father doesn't understand this phenomenon and was holding out on the going to the store to secure chocolate for 13 year old with PMS. I had to explain nicely to him that he better do it, or die.