Monday, February 20, 2006

Two for the Money

ok... I wanted to post this, too.

I saw this over at someone else's place, and thought I would ask y'all to play along.

It's a Johari Window... have you heard of them? it's just one of those psycho-analytical tools that I will probably look at and say "HOGWASH!" but I'm still curious to see how it turns out.

anyways.. go HERE, and click on 5 or 6 words that you think describe me. go on.. be honest! most of the words have a positive spin to them, anyway.

for those of you who are gluttons for punishment... go try a Nohari window... that activity focusses on weak points-slash-flaws of a person. I'm not ready for that one yet... I'll stick to my Johari, thanks!

Anyways.... please go to my thing and play along.

if my link above doesn't work... you can also copy and paste the following into your browser...

I've tried to edit this post about three times to fix the link, but no avail... so maybe the copy-paste action might work.

thanks for playing... I'll post my 'findings' at the end of the week!


Porq said...

Hey poo-poo head...

You are not set up as a user id in JOHARI or something...

DUH... i dunno!!


Carrie said...

ok... I think I fixed it.

somehow the 'space' I had in my user name was not working with blogger.

try clicking again... or going here:

gina said...

i played. lol. and i copied it to my blog too. not your johari, but my own.

Nick said...

I aded my commentarys as best I could given my llimited understanding of it

CheekyMoo said...

I voted. I didn't see kicks ass anywhere but I did the best I could with what I had available to me. :-)