Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bloggeroni with cheese

so this weekend was a blogging weekend for me. not necessarily in terms of creating any new posts... but I was photoshoppin' my heart out.

First... I put together a new look for Hänni-pie. She's trying to get a book club-blog-thing going, so I was whipping up some masthead stuff for her. The jury's still out so far... but this is what I sent as a preliminary look....

Next up was Susie.... she was wanting a logo for her "name that tune" contest she does every wednesday. BY THE WAY.... next wednesday, you should definitely go and participate in her contest. It's fun... and first time players get three points just for showing up! Basically, she lists a lyric, and you have to guess the song and artist. There's a PRIZE involved, too.... so on wednesday... get on over and play. oh... and tell her I sent you.. so I can get a referral point.

Hey.. if I'm gonna be her whipping bitch, I might as well get something out of it, no? but seriously.. it's fun. so go there on wednesday. (don't worry.. I'll remind you!)

so back to her contest... she was needing a logo.. so I came up with this:

I just e-mailed it to her, so we'll see what she says about it. hoefully she'll like it... if not... anyone else want to host a name that tune contest and use this logo?? HAH!!! Just kidding, Suser... you've got first dibs... I just don't like seeing good clip-art manipulation go to waste! ;)

now I'm off to dinner at our friends' house. Troy's already over there.. watching *GAG* nascar. yes. it's begun again. only 100 more weeks of dulldrum.... or however long their 'season' is. bleh. I can't even bitch about it right now. it hurts to even THINK about it.

sooooooooo..... have a delicious evening, everyone... and we'll see you around the way.


Susie said...

You bitch! How long have I been waiting for a new blog look and you whip one out of your ass for Hanni? Muthanutbagger. I still love you but for the love of BLOGGER already. I have someone else working on a template and shiznit for me now. Cause I was getting more gray over here...

Love the logo. you still suck.
LOVAH. I love you. Still. Fuckernutter. Wait til you see the whip I bring to DC.

gina said...

all i want is a page topper of greece, and you my friend know how to do this shit?? come on hook a girl up.

BA HA HA now what have ya gotten yourself into? the new looks for your -other- sigh cough cough...friends look great!

have fun watching nascar- hope they have good food. :)

greekchickie said...

LOL ~ I was thinking about you today when I heard the Daytona 5MILLION started. I figured you were cringing.


ZuphChic said...

I am so thankful I didn't marry a big sports fan...let alone NASCAR!

So sorry, chica!

Hänni said...

Ha ha. You said "hoefully".

Anyway, you do beautiful work doll. I think we have a title for blog and Gwen thinks it's gorgeous.

We're tinkering with blog versus forum format. I'm not sure if you can make forums pretty... or maybe we'll somehow link to forums from the blog.

It's technical shit, but we'll get it figured out. I haven't forgotten you doll. I'm *really* excited about displaying your fancy ass work.

And i'm really excited about your fancy ass in general.