Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A little Back Door Action

So today we're getting our back door worked on.

whoa... what did you THINK I meant when I said "Back Door Action"??? friggin' SICKO!!!!

anyways... it's been a royal pain in the ass (excuse the comparison..) for a while with the house settling and stuff. essentially, the door jam has shifted, and it takes about 6 curse-words and four bowls of wheaties to pry that sucker open... and don't even get me started on when it's humid out!

Our Warranty guy kept saying how the strike plate needs to be adjusted... blah blah blah.... but I was telling him the door needs to be re-installed because the house settled and shifted the jam so much that the door is completely out of whack now. But no no... warranty guy says the door gets "sticky' when it's humid out... and the strike plate just needs to be adjusted. Apparently because I have tits and don't work, I don't "get" humidity and how it affects wood... (NOR do I have an earthly idea of what happens as a house settles) and can he infer any more that I'm a silly little woman who should just bake a pie and have more children????

I'm sorry... I must have been faking it with that whole engineering degree and being project manager of multi-million dollar construction projects. silly me... where's my oven mitts????

But dah-duh... The door dude agreed that the entire door needs to be re-installed cause of ... what's THAT???? .... oh??? the HOUSE SETTLED AND FUCKED UP THE DOOR YOU SAY???????

so it's NOT the humidity and my weak weak pie-making arms that are causing me to not be able to open the door??? Yeah..... that's what I THOUGHT! how you like me NOW?????

I mean seriously... even if it WAS the humidity... FIX the shit so it works!!! I mean... not to state the obvious, but it's NORTH CAROLINA, DUDE!!!! IT'S ALWAYS HUMID HERE!!!!!!!!! just fix my damn door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but whatever. dude can't fix it today, cause lo and behold, the whole thing has to be re-installed. Sucks that it's not fixed yet... but oh... it feels so good to know that I was right.

oh well.. I'd vent more, but I have a coffee cake in the oven that's just about done. Me, June Cleaver, and the other walking uteruses on my street are going to hang out and darn some skirts this afternoon. maybe we'll even finish our hemming quickly and have time for polishing our silver after high tea!

ps... I said it in the comments, and I'll say it here...I feel like people TOTALLY cheated on Susie's contest today. and while I'm at it.... Jenni (love you girl... I really do!) should only get half the points for her answers cause she didn't follow the rules. I'd say screw her, she gets NONE, cause I'm a competitive bitch like that... but like I said... I LIKE Jenni... so she should at least get half-points for her 2nd, third, and fourth guesses...

and SPEAKING of competitions... did you get your vote in at the Haus for the DAWG contest??? I am SOOOO gonna win that one!

Thanks again to DAN for the template-o-rama help. looks like we're all squared away now... and I got to add in a few of my own fashizzlins to make it Feverish.

Have a FABULOUS wednesday gang....


Erin said...

Carrie - I am so sorry that I got help - I didn't even really think about it. I promise not to play agin

Porq said...

Hey Poo-poo Head...

Ya gotsta fix the top alignment of your blog...
Ya can't see the date on top of your TITLE... uhhhh..

Maybe adjust the margins???
Oh WAIT!! Maybe your blog settled!!??!!


Liza said...

I quite dig the template!!

LMFAO Back many thoughts so little time.

haha, you crack me up. You're the bestest.

You should be on the Pistons and bring that Competitive attitude to them so maybe they'd have won last night!!! WTF is that all about? Those jerks.

oh man, you should have seen the tayshaun commercial for windows. "i have energy and so do these windows" "i block shots just like these windows block drafts" it's hilarious.

Jenni said...

hey, i admitted that I didn't read the rules till AFTER I decided to play. I agree that I should only get 3 points---DAMN WORK making me have to keep hiding the fact that I'm reading a blog!!! :-)

Jenni said...

oh, and i could've kept going b/c I knew more, but once I read the rules, I thought I'd better quit. LOL! I am usually SUCH a rule follower, I just don't know what came over me!

Carrie said...

Dude... Erin... don't quit on my account. next time I start slingin' hash... duck and weave, baby!

seriously... you should have TOTALLY deflected and blamed stuff on Jenni! ;)

Daddy-- I fixed it so you can see the top date. I need to figure out the font issues, but at least now you know what day it is! XXOO

Liza... noted!!! I will channel the energy towards the boyz next time! I need to see that commercial! is it a local commercial?

Jenni-- you are SO FIRED!!! seriously... next week, IT'S ON!!!!!! I just keep hoping Ang gets PG brain really bad so it knocks her out of the running! ;)

Jenni said...

ok, it's on IF I can remember to log on and check it! I just happened upon it to check out Liam's pic's. :-) This is the first week I've known ANY of the songs I really do suck at it.

greekchickie said...

Oh girlie! I love the new digs around here! You're so amazingly crafty.

mmkay... let me know how many blog hits you get for "back door action".


CheekyMoo said...

I'm glad you were able to take a pause from baking to fix the template. It looks great. Now, back to the kitchen!

Susie said...

Did someone say baking? Good cause these cookies Dan made are almost gone. Remember I'm eating or two - the left cheek and the right.

Got your email...hear that. MUAH!

Liza said...

commenting to your post above.

when things tinkle in your head does it ever come out your ears?

love you carrie!! have a great weekend darling.

Liza said...

p.s. i'm moving to the other blog officially. it's just so much better for me!