Friday, February 17, 2006

TCB (Takin' Care of Business)

so I know I've been MIA for the last few days.

lots of busy stuff going on around here. Wednesday I had my back door worked on again.... it's FINALLY fixed! Then I had my BUNCO girls over... much fun was had... I made pomegranate and lime martinis.... then made the dentist remove the dead cat that was lingering in my throat all day thursday.

Just kidding about the dead cat, but I WAS feeling a little foozy (cross between fuzzy and oozy) from the late night and martinis on Wednesday night. This of COURSE did not play in well to my dental appointment Thursday morning. Cause you know... when I'm hungover... I REALLY want to taste my own blood as a girl in a pink mask STABS me with metal scrapes. faaaaaaabulous.

Been running around enjoying the 65-70 degree weather we've been having this week... but am bummed because it's supposed to go down to the 40's this weekend!! EEK!

In other news... I got my shipment from my local drug dealers... so with the 4 boxes we got... it should get us through this stupid cold weekend coming up.

Tonight troy and I continue on our quest to be the Neighbor Champions.... our next door friends are coming over for some UNO and Phase Ten. We have a notebook for keeping scores for all time... cause that's how we roll. Plus that way... if they ever beat us in a few years, we can flip back through the notebook and point out all the times we made them weep for mercy. Well, maybe not mercy. and maybe not even weeping. We just have fun, and that's all that counts. Of course, the fact that I love the wife (she's so sweet) and the husband lived in daytona for a long time, so we reminisce about The Coliseum and other clubs I used to dance at in college. oh... and he drinks Jack Daniels, and she bakes an AWESOME blueberry bread. match made in heaven, if you were to ask me!

But other than that... I'm feeling just kind of blah. I've been busy with real-life stuff, and I think after a whole week of GO GO GO, I'm slowing down. I'm looking forward to some hot tea and GS cookies. and a blanket. yeah... gots to have the blanket.

Have a great weekend, gang... I may or may not be around. I'm SURE there's plenty of stuff out there for me to poke fun at... like figure skating. and how fucking MUCH can I really watch until I physically PUKE from boredom???? I mean... go go Olympics, yes... but seriously. ENOUGH with the figure skating!!!! I'm getting to the point where I might consider actually SHUTTING THE TV OFF.... and you KNOW I won't know what to do with myself then!

alrighty-- I guess that's it. have at it, then!

PS... happy birthdays to my nephew Damian, my SIL Dawn, and my niece Dara. They're all affiliated with Graceland.... I will be missing their combo birthday party this weekend, cause they're up in Jersey. Much love and happiness to them, though!

PS #2 ... I just bought plane tickets last night..... I'm going on a
trip in March! we-hoo!

PS # 3 .... I already cracked into my GS Cookies. They might not make it to the weekend. HAH!


greekchickie said...

Girl. We MUST coordinate! I may be in DC area in March too! I'll keep you posted ok? My family lives a few miles south. I'd LOVE to see you, even for a few minutes.

I bought the dreaded drug deal myself. One box down; one to go. We're expecting mighty cold weather, so I think I'll be doing the same with a cup of cocoa!

Glad you like bunko! (sorry, still spelling it the Tex-Assss way)


Angela said...

Enjoy your weekend of rest. You totally deserve it! Just think of me, miles away, snuggled under a blanket of my own! No cookies though, but chocolate pudding sounds nice!

Jenni said...

ah, girl scout cookies are Heaven!!!! I'm resisting the temptation to buy some right now from my coworker...

Glad your dang door is finally fixed!!

I've never played Bunco, but a group of gals from work love to sounds like you are making buttloads of new neighbor friends! good for you!

Anonymous said...

Hasn't this weather been great?

It was 75 here today!


But tomorrow it gets nasty again.

Hey, do you read The Blue Sloth
he was asking me who else I read in Charlotte.

Susie said...

Oh mama my dealer hasn't DELIVERED damn it. And there you go again making me all JEALOUS I don't live next door. I'm killing myself here with the boredom...the Olympics aren't helping. And no one plays bunco. Where the hell am I, Siberia? Have a great weekend.

Oh and I need to hire you for a logo - couple bags of moosemunch in it for you, mmmkay? I'll email.

ZuphChic said...

Email me that martini sounds FABULOUS!

gina said...

I WANT TO GO TO DC!! i wanna take my kids though. how fun!!

i also want girl scout cookies. i want a pomegranite martini.

i want i want i want. demanding bitch, arent i? lol

Christi said...

I want to go to Washington DC SO bad! Trey thinks it's a stupid idea, though. He thinks we should do something "fun" instead. I can't think of anything that would be more fun!