Saturday, February 04, 2006

getting shit done

I think a while back I suggested the idea for there needing to be a Nobel Prize for getting shit done. (I'll have to find the post and edit in the hyperlink later)

I may not be a contender for this award right now... but I DO feel pretty good about being able to knock a few things off my list as of late.

below are the finished BUNCO invites... they came out ok. Pictured below is the front and back sides.

I wanted a digital as well as hard copy, so in case I ever start an event-planning business, I have record of all the shit I've done in the past. I have copies of Rhena's birthday invites, my Christmas social invites, all the favors I've done for each party, and pictures of the food spreads.... cause let's face it.. what's a party without the grub, right??? I figure by the time Rhena is five, I should have a decent portfolio built up. Plus my girfrHENS from the neighborhood have already asked me to help them with their kids' upcoming parties.

SPEAKING of parties... saw the COOLEST thing the other day... an event planner did a gala for a writer of some TV show, and she configured the serving trays to have little screens in the center that played episodes of the shows the writer had aired. fucking COOL, I tell you. If Rhena's not a rock star by the time she's 16, I think I could TOTALLY do something similar with still photos instead of video footage. but I got time for that.

what else... oh yeah... everyone has been doing these, so I thought I would do one, too. I may just order a t-shirt like this... it's pretty sweet.

ok... Boogie's up, and with a face like this... why would I want to miss out on time with her????

peace out!

oh yeah... one more thing..... Rhena wanted to say thank you for all the lovely comments you guys left her the other day.... she IS a bit like her momma with lovin' the love y'all leave.


greekchickie said...

Ohhh! I could just snuggly wuggly li'l miss cutie patootie!


Susie said...

Cool stuff momma! Keeping you busy I see! I like that last thing with the words - did you just do that yourself? You said others were doing it but I hadn't seen any...

And did Rhena feel that MUAH I sent when I saw her picture? Cause I sent it!

Laura said...

I can't believe how big she's getting. Pretty soon she'll be mouthing off, you know.
Sweet girl!!

Jenni said...

I am BEYOND loving her little barrettes in her hair. She is a cutie Garrett would say...."nummy nummy!" ;) (like yummy yummy-I could eat her up-she is so stinking cute)