Monday, February 13, 2006

I smell a South Park episode

dude.... as if the one episode where South Park ripped on the ginger kids wasn't enough....

I think the USA has another famous 'Ginger' on their hands.

Congrats to Shaun White for nabbing the Gold in the halfpipe yesterday.... that alone makes him fucking rock (YOU ever try doing the shit he does on a snowboard??? exactly....)

anyways... I'm gosh darn proud of him, but dude... he's still butt-ugly. And really... the South Park dudes were on to something..... all "gingers" look ALIKE!!!!!

Out of respect for the medal action, I'm NOT going to a photoshop of horrors on his ass and paint him as Sissy Spacek starring as the lead in Stephen King's Carrie. Nor will I point out that the last name of the character in the story is ALSO White. nope. not gonna do it.

I WILL, however... post this picture that was taken of Sissy Spacek and her daughter... wait... is THAT???? In the background??? naaaaah... couldn't be. ......Though I DO hear that gingers run in packs. (safety in numbers and everything) At this point, I'd say anything is possible.

Either way... I want to congratulation both Sissy AND Shaun for being so accomplished. Who would have thought that with all that teasing they must have got they would have amounted to the successes they are?

Congratulations again, to Sissy and Shaun... you guys are the tops!!!!


Liza said...

They're all gonna laugh at you! They're all gonna laugh at you!! hehe. You crack my shit up.

Angela said...

I love him! I think he is adorable!

Laugh at me if you must.

Susie said...

Not all gingers are ugly. Just saying...

Carrie said...

:) funny, Liza!!

Ferg--- it's GOT to be the PG hormones making you say that!!

Susie... dude... I know there are a FEW cuties out there... I gave birth to one of them. That don't mean a momma can't hope she doesn't end up looking like Shaun, Sissy or (God forbid) Carrot-Top.... those three really freak me out.

Chief Slacker said...

Ahhh, fun with photoshop :O) And yes, i still contend taht in order for soem of those trcik to have been performed he has access to an anti-gravity device. yup.

gina said...

I was sooo gonna say carrot top. you are one sick chick, but i love that about you. we would get along just fine :) lol

Hänni said...

lol @ the gingers.

Even though he's got the prepube acne goin and he is a redhead (therefore genetically predisposed to fugliness), I still think Shaun is a cutie.

Of course I also have a thing for John Mayer. That guy looks like a trainwreck combo between a dirty serial killer and a Jerry Lewis kid any time he opens his mouth to sing.

...And yet, I can't shake this feeling - I think it might be love or lust - that his body is a wonderland.

Anonymous said...

Is that girl the one from the Babysitters Club movie and Orange County?
That is Sissy's daughter?