Thursday, February 02, 2006

Doing my chores

lots of stuff going on in Johnsonville, gang.

Been busy trying to fix my template. Thanks to Dan for sending me the html codes... I'm still weeding through it, though. I PROMISE the page will not be all flippy-floppy soon. (dad.)

Tried to clean up the sidebar a little in the meantime... if your website isn't listed.. or listed WRONG... let me know. I'll alphabetize it later... first things first, ya know?

Took Boogie to the doctor today... got her second half of the flu shot. she was SO GOOD.... only cried a little bit, but then once her pants were back on she was all smiles. Funny... I cry when my pants are off, too... she must be related to me!

a GOOD thing about going to the doctor today was that I got a chance to weigh Rhena. In the past, we had had some problems with her being a bit underweight. I am happy to say that my chubby monkey is now a whopping 21.5 pounds!!!! Granted, she was fully clothed with shoes on, but this is big stuff for us, and we're very proud of how far she's come along! (at 13 months, she was still roughly 18.5 pounds, so now at 16 and a half months, and about 3 pounds later.. we're REALLY PLEASED!!!) ice cream for everyone!!!

I've also been working on invitations to a bunco group I'm starting.... we're hoping to get that off the ground this month.

I had a random thought today that should-slash-could go in my "Fever's Guide to Being Bitchy"... but it's a good one, so I'll do a separate blog entry.

Our guest toilet is still leaking, even though the plumbers 'fixed' it on Tuesday. Fuckers. they're coming back tomorrow.

Randy had a DAWG attack last night on American Idol. like THREE of 'em in a row. He definitely has a lot of pent up DAWGGING to do.... I'm nervous, cause if keeps up these Turets-like outbursts, I'll be screwed when it comes time to tally the contest.

LOVE how Paula made a point of saying she didn't want the 16 yr old boy to go through. that he wasn't ready yet. Like that's supposed to make us believe she wasn't juicin' to him. Nice try, Paula... didn't work, though.

SPEAKING of not working... I totally need to do some shit around here before nap time is over.

I leave you with this CHEESY picture of Mariah. (get it??? CHEESE as in... Holy shit, who slathered your legs in FETA????) Thanks to CHEEKY for the contribution. WHY. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY does she insist on wearing shit like this????

"no, no... I want THAT piece of pie, and THOSE milkshakes over there..."

johnson.... OUT!


greekchickie said...

Ok. Do NOT refer to that SKANK'S thighs as FETA cheese! Pick another cheese! LOL You're fixin to turn me off of one of my fave foods ever!

How about FUMUNDA? ROFL!

I'm glad li'l miss Muffett is growing. She's just so darn cute. And good news about the no cry after the shot. I'd be crying with her.

It's funny, in Texas we call it Bunko. Close... and still, one of the funnest games I've ever played. Have fun!


Liza said...

LMFAO!! she's just disgusting anyways.

LOL Yay for Rhena gaining weight. I wish we were forced to gain weight. It would be nice!!

carlotta fun said...

I SO love that you hate Mariah as much (maybe even more than) I do!

Never played Bunko. Not really sure how to play or what it is. We're rather partial to Croquet around here (okay not in Alabama but the Atlanta crowd anyway). Sounds completely lame I know, but it's actually extremely fun and cut throat. Can't wait til spring so we can bust out the set! You have to love a game that you can play one handed so you can hold your drink in the other!

Susie said...

Feta cheese?? Looks more like cottage cheese - what is she DOING??

I'm so excited AI is going to be in Boston next week. I saw lots of trash saying dumb stuff in the "scenes for next week" LOOOOOVE IT.

And lastly but not at all least(ly?) - hooray for peanut gaining weight. Break out the Hoodsies for everyone. Wait - is that a new england thing - Hoodsies? Little cups of choc and vanilla ice cream. They are made by Hood but that may be local.

Oh dear I'm turning this into a blog within a blog comment! What a JACKASS I am. ;-)

Jenni said...

barf. barf, barf, barf, barf, BARF. That picture is beyond gross! Thanks for sharing that. :-)

I am so happy to hear that Rhena is gaining weight. You know I can totally relate to your worries and fears, as G is just now up to around 23 lbs (some of which he probably lost puking and sh*tting last night and this morning).

Good things come in small packages sometimes, Mama!! But still glad to hear she is gaining!!

As for, is all I can say. There is some absolutely horrible singing going on lately. Can't wait to hear them sing to music next week!

Running2Ks said...

Thank you so much for the olympic shout out!

Hänni said...

Yeah my link is missing from your blogroll (even though I don't think you had it listed there in the first place. Heh.)

I almost fell off my couch when randy pulled a hat trick with the "dawg" last night.

And yeah, I couldn't beleive Paula didn't want to hit that 16-year-old manmeat. I'd've bet money on just-barely-past-puberty as being Paula's type.

If Mariah read this comment I bet she'd be all "Yum manmeat."

And Mariah

Carrie said...

damnit, Hänni... you're right. I THOUGHT I fixed the sidebar earlier today... had you on there listed as "gots to love the HAUS"... but now I don't see it.

damn the bloggerbagger. Unless Mariah ate your link???

back to the drawing board...

Christi said...

She is SO nasty!

You're starting a Bunco group? Really? I'm planning a night for my mom's group doing that, and I don't know the first thing about it. If you can tell me anything about it, I'd love you forever! (not that I don't already, of course!)

Sara said...

okay first of all I am so much fatter than Mariah. I am not a fat ass BUT my name does include the name feta. lol My kids and dh have the name that include fetta, but not me SS and I don't get a long it seems, I must be the real chese, because as far as my ss # goes I am a dimolfeta! Oh well.....anyway, I'm Ginas friend. The one who is thinking of moving to charlotte. Im looking for any advise I can get. I want to have a nice area, that has a good school for my boys.....what do you think?

Christi said...

She is SO nasty!

You're starting a Bunco group? Really? I'm planning a night for my mom's group doing that, and I don't know the first thing about it. If you can tell me anything about it, I'd love you forever! (not that I don't already, of course!)

CheekyMoo said...

Yay for weight gain. AI was heee-larious. The Randy look alike made me giggle. I've got another picture coming your way. It's not Mariah but I know you're gonna love it. I got a million of these ya know!! Congrats to Miss Rhena for the poundage. Get her two ice creams!

Hänni said...

HAHA Mariah ate my link! Glad to see she didn't eat your sense of humor.