Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A message from Rhena

ok... just cause my mom has been spewing hate lately... I thought I would take over the blog today and share what my day is like....

waking up is FUN!!! I STINK!!! cause I POOPED!!!! SEE ME???? I'm making my SMELLY FACE!!!!

Diaper changes are FUN TOO!!!! SEE ME???? I'm CLEAN!!!! I'm making my I'M SO HAPPY I DON'T HAVE CRAP IN MY BUTT ANYMORE FACE!!!!!

Did I mention HOW FUNNY it is when Mommy GAGS from my POOP??? bwuahhhahhahhah.... kills me EVERY TIME!!!

THEN we get to GO DOWNSTAIRS!!!!! SEE ME???? I LOVE walking down the stairs!!!

Oh my GOD!! have any of you ever tried MILK??? it is like the BEST THING EVER!!!!!! This is me drinking milk cause I LOVE IT, and it's supposedly GOOD for me, too, but whatever, cause I LOVE IT, and it's great when I'm thirsty and stuff!!!

OK... and this is me outside... cause OUTSIDE is SO MUCH FUN!!! when we go outside... I see CARS and PEOPLE and DOGGIES and HOUSES and MORE DOGGIES!!!! See me??? This is my LOOK MOMMY I SEE A DOGGIE OVER THERE face!

I LOVE it when I find a clean window... it's SO FUN to make fishy faces at the girl in the glass!!! SEE ME??? this is me making my BLAH BLAH BLAH TO THE GIRL IN THE WINDOW face!

I LOVE taking a bath... it's so much FUN!!! SEE ME??? This is my HURRY UP, MOM.... I WANT TO TAKE MY BATH face!

this is my towel!! isn't it cool??? You'd totally want to take a bath if you had a cool towel like mine!! well... except your name isn't Rhena.

ok... I've tested the waters, so it's time for me to get in and say good night. hey... wait a minute...... MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...... I can't BELIEVE YOU JUST TOOK A PICTURE OF MY HINEY!!!!!


oh well... I guess that's 'the end'. have a great night, everybody!


Susie said...

Rhena, You are beautiful! I love your faces and your hairclips and your towel! And I want to put you in my pocket and run, run away! Muah! Smooches from Auntie Susie!

PS Liam saw the last one and all he said was, "Hubba hubba."

ZuphChic said...

Great blogging, Rhena!

dakotablueeyes said...

she makes the cutest faces

Veronika said...

What an adorable little cutie! I'm Veronika from the Blog Olympics and I wanted to get your permission to use your logo. May I please? Please email me at veronika_conawayATyahoo.com
Thank you-

greekchickie said...

OMG that last pic is one that you'll have to share with the boyfriends when she turns 16!!!

She's just so squeezable!


Hänni said...

Rhena, after I wake up, I make some poo too.

CheekyMoo said...

Obviously she got her ass from my side of the family!!! She's a doll baby. I want to squeeze her and kiss her. I love her curly hair too.

Wethyb said...

That was great!!! You're so adorable Rhena. My baby girl likes to make all kinds of poopy too!Thanks for blogging!!!

Angela said...

Rhena- you are gorgeous! I can't believe how long and beautiful your hair has gotten. What a big girl you are! Tell your mom to clean up her potty mouth and get to blogging!

dnyduck said...

Rhena, Can I just kiss you to death? You are too cute! I loved your blog sweetie! Tell your momma I miss chatting with her and maybe someday I will find my way back to the chat boards.



carlotta fun said...

So cute!

Jenni said...

Rhena dear, you are the cutest little girl!!! I could totally eat you up!

Carrie---I love, love love her curls!!! She is such a doll baby...and SO happy! She reminds me of Garrett at bath time...he is climbing in fully clothed when he hears the water running!!!

Thanks for the pics of Miss Rhena...I can't get enough of her cuteness!!

Christi said...

She must have the curliest hair! I love the little clips, though. I can't wait till Taryn's hair is long and thick enough to do stuff like that with!

What an exciting day for her! Makes me want to take a bath, and see doggies, and have my diaper changed...

gina said...

OMG now i know where to come when i need a baby fix! how cute! love her hairbows! nothing better than a bunch of baby pics.

thanks for all of your help by the way. i think we decided on asheville, but maybe this will be better in an email. lol. you ROCK!! my friend is still considering charlotte. her name is sara, on my blogroll. :) thanks carrie,

Anonymous said...

I'm loving all the hairclips!

Our baby was 2 in October and she was 19lbs for over a year.
She is 20 now so don't feel bad.

She eats like a HORSE too.