Friday, January 06, 2006

2006 good reasons

well... I know I said yesterday that I already made my resolutions a month ago on my birthday, but being back home again has helped clear my head a little, and I think I really should make a resolution for 2006.

I've decided that this year should be about appreciation. .... MY appreciation of others, that is.

I mean... I hate to say it, but at some point in the past few weeks when I wasn't looking, generosity and love from others just kinda came in and tackled us. From friends, from family, and from strangers.... in obvious ways and some more subtle... Troy and I have been surrounded in abundance lately.

No doubt the sheer act of coming home and unpacking the car and going through our mail made things pretty obvious. Seeing all of the gifts that the three of us received, and getting so many cards from friends near and far.... and now, getting caught up with friends that actually missed us while we were gone. My neighbor met up with me and gave me cookies she made, and gave me a package that had come for Rhena while we were gone.... (CUTEST personalized towel and adorable SLIPPERS from my girlfriend)

But anyways... where was I going... oh yes. This past Christmas was more of a bare-bones Christmas for Troy and me. We managed to give small things to a select few... but so many others got nothing. perhaps a little too late to be as poignant to you as it is to me, but I really felt like the Little Drummer Boy this past Christmas. (I have no gift to bring, but I'll play my best for you....)

SO while I am still slightly tinged with guilt that we didn't do more for more... or more for the ones we actually DID give gifts to.... I feel obligated to play my best for them.. for you.

I think of my family... immediate and extended... related and not... and for all they do for us SO OFTEN..... they deserve the best. They deserve appreciation. they deserve thanks... they deserve respect..... SO that's what I'm going to try to do this year.

don't get me wrong... I'm still going to bitch about things, and everyone in Hollywood is fair game for my "oh no they di'int" commentaries.... but to those people in my life who are IN my life.... this year I hope to make you happy you are.


Jenni said...

Aw, that's a nice resolution. I think my main one is to be nice. Period.

then there's the food/weight related ones--stop drinking cokes, start walking more...yadda yadda.

Who knows if any of them will stick??

I missed you while you were off galavanting around the Northeast!! Welcome back!


gina said...

i had the same guilty feelings- wishing we could have done more. oh well. so , i too, will appreciate more right along with you.

glad you are back. like the snowy look.

greekchickie said...

It's nice to be so loved, isn't it?


Jewl said...

Good to see you back... You were missed! I like the new look too...
Having love, being loved, and giving love is probably the best gifts for Christmas...

john boy said...

My resolution is to appreciate Carrie more ;)

What should I do first?

Susie said...

Sounds lovely... and familiar!

Lil Country said...

Why is it that some of you can be so crafty and just up and change your whole template and others of us are like 'de-duah-de' about the whole thing. I love the stuff you come up with and the fun little tid-bit's all over the place.
Glad that you are back!
And does anyone really know someone who kept a resolution for the whole year? I'd like to find out how to do that I say good luck to you my Crystal Lake visiting friend, Happy New Year, late Christmas, and blessed every day!