Sunday, January 22, 2006


so anyone that knows me pretty much knows that every night I say prayers with Rhena when I'm putting her to bed.

They're nothing fancy, and are usually interrupted with Rhena making motorboat noises, or pausing to climb up over my shoulder to bleet like a mountain goat (no... I don't know WHY she does it... I think it's just cause she CAN)

Anyways... so no biggie. we say the Lord's Prayer, and a Hail Mary... then we just talk to God and thank Him for all the things we have in our lives.

We thank Him for all the love, health and happiness... for those are things we have in ABUNDANCE every day.

We thank Him for the challenges that we were faced with, because they present opportunities to learn... whether it be how other people feel, or characteristics of strength and belief in ourselves... you know... different stuff, based on the situations.

We also take time to pray for our friends and family. We pray for their happiness and well being... and that wherever they may be, that they know in their hearts we love them.

Now for our friends and family that are being faced with challenging situations... be it cancer, (or some other form of sickness), a relative who may be dying, infertility, accidental pregnancies, or a broken heart... I have come to a place of understanding with my God.

you see.... to know me is to understand that I DO BELIEVE in God, and that He is the Mighty Creator. I believe that He has a Devine Plan, but that He also gave us as humans a great gift... the gift of Free Will.

So sometimes... believing in both a "Master Plan" (so-to-speak) and Free Will... I am occasionally in a quandary of trusting my empowered choices, or just trusting that 'things will work out'.

The path I personally have chosen to take is that of making choices to the best of my available abilities, and then letting what may come, come. It may not be the most solid path in the eyes of others, but it's the best I've found so far that helps me maintain Spirituality and Faith in my life while setting an example for Rhena that she as a woman is capable of nearly anything. and that's the click, you see.... I may not be an extreme example of righteousness or empowerment... but I'm trying to set the stage for my child to see what options are out there. So while I may lose points in the public eye for not being strong in any direction... I don't give a shit... cause I'm opening two doors for Rhena, instead of one.

so THAT being said.... I feel it is my duty to not contradict myself when I say prayers with Rhena. as much as I WANT to ask God to cure my cousin's cancer, and stop my friends' parents from being so sick or dying, or that these friends will get pregnant, or those ones will find the loves of their lives.... or get a job.... Rhena and I pray for our friends and families to find the strength to get through the challenges they are faced with, or to find love and acceptance with their lives, or have the courage to change their situations when possible.

But all of the above is really just a side thought. what I wanted to say is that today, a dear friend of mine called me to give me some news. It seems as if one of my prayers has been answered, and that due to some recent events.. they have a renewed sense of self... and a totally new lease on life. I couldn't be happier.

I know I didn't have anything to do with it..... but I do believe that since Rhena and I have been saying prayers at night, it's getting easier for me to just 'be there' for my friends instead of saying what or what not to do.... and let them know that I was there no matter WHAT THEY DECIDE to do (or not do). Don't get me wrong... I'm still going to add my two cents every now and then... old habits are hard to break....

hmmmph. speaking of old habits.... I started watching TV and have totally forgotten where I was going with all of this.

no matter. I'm deliciously happy for my friend, and pretty damn content with my own life right now to boot. and as for the prayers... well... at the very least it's a sure fire way to remind myself of how much good I have in my life... and maybe a little bit of the appreciation factor will rub off on Boogie.

so now... before I start rambling about how HORRIBLE the Carolina Panthers are doing, I'll end this.

peace out.


greekchickie said...

I guess no amount of prayer could have helped the Panthers today... sighhh... I'm bummed.

The power of prayer has been documented in medical journals. Alternative medicine can, and SHOULD include prayer.

It might not even be the fact that you & your sweet girl prayed for the situation to get any better; but the thought that you asked for guidance says a lot. It helps to have a Greater Power take over our troubles sometimes, especially when dispair is the only thing you see.

I'm at the same quandry "free will" and the "Master Plan". I'm not as strong a pray-er as I should be, but there are times (usually when something goes bad) that I ask for help.


Porq said...




Susie said...


I'm stil all a-tingle and crying and giddy.

Power of prayer/positive thinking/love indeed.

Jenni said...

Carrie, I am officially jealous that she called you. But I know you guys are really close. :-) I cried when I read the board at work Mon am....and tear up when I think about her!!!

I too pray for comfort, strength and peace for family and friends going thru something rough...and she has been in my prayers a lot the last 2 years.

Angela said...

Thank you!

You are truly the best.

Liza said...

I love you Carrie!! Awesome post and I am the same as you. When someone I know or love is struggling I always have to remember that God doesn't have to heal them and that instead I should just pray for peace and comfort rather than a divine miracle to come and heal them. You rawk. Dawg.