Monday, January 23, 2006

It's like Dukes of Hazard ...... in VEGAS.

sometimes, I gotta admit.... Troy really has all the right words.

tonight, he made the shockingly wise comment while we were watching Las Vegas (I heart you josh duhamel.. and even though I'm married and everything, I would still totally let you be my boyfriend, except for all the sex and stuff, cause I ain't down with cheating on Troy... but yeah.. you... me... we're SO THERE, dude...)

yeah... so dear ole Troy made the comment about the show Las Vegas being like Dukes of Hazard in Vegas. hee hee hee. funny boy.

in other news... I'm participating in the Bloggerlympics.... more details about that tomorrow.

other fun shit going on the wide web is that Hanni Haus is hausting (get it... hAUsting, instead of hOsting... oh whatever.... it's late. just ignore me!)

anyho... she's got a Randy-Jackson Dawg metering contest going on. or something like that. check it out for yourself.... and place your bets if you're game!!!

ok... time to catch some zzz's. I've spent the entire day in deliriously-happy-mode for my mom-to-be-friend. hee hee hee... still makes me smile thinking about her!!

but seriously... this happy shit is tiring. I gotta get some sleep!

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Liza said...

LOL!! Daawwgg. What a funny contest!!