Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I'm an athlete. No..... REALLY!!!

ok... last night I mentioned that I joined the Blogger Olympics over at Barbara's place.

So far I've been middle of the road. on Monday's Blogging events.... I was JUST short of earning a gold medal.... the event was Duration... or something to that effect. the top 10 percent of competitors who have been blogging the longest (in number of days) would earn a gold. The LOWEST ten percent got bronze... and the rest of us sheep herders got silvers.

It's a feel-good competition, you see.... everyone gets points as long as you do the required task.

of course... this is doing a number on my competitive side... both competing nights I have been the first poster to complete the task... (no extra points for that, though... so I'm a loser)... but have fallen short of the gold mark. arrg.

Last night's event was rate of posting.... in other words... what's your ratio of posts to number of days in blogger existence. I had a rate of one post every 2-point-something-or-other days. I know I won't be in the lower 10 percent... but there's NO WAY I'll be in the top ten percent... so once again, I'll be in the silver group. fuckernuts.

Not sure what Barbara has planned for the other events.... but I'm trying to be the first one to post, just in case she decides to throw some extra points out for promptness.

I'm wondering if 'best cheering section' might be an event... if that's the case... I'm going to need to all to be ready to go to Barbara's site and put a vote in for me. and you know me... I ain't too proud to beg... so purty please... be ready to vote. again. just in case.

but for now... I'm enjoying the games. It's a fun idea, and I'm meeting all sorts of blogger-folk.

The grand champion Olympic Blogger (big winner) will get their merits plastered and decreed on every participants' blog.... so you know me... I'm gunning for the publicity. ok... maybe not GUNNING for it... but damn, I do love me some attention! :)

ok... so that's it for now. I'll probably add a tracker to my sidebar so y'all can see what medals I'm bringing home to the Fever-House. maybe just maybe... I'll get at least one gold.

signing off....



Mike said...

I always miss the contests...lol

greekchickie said...

Girlie! LOVE the new template! I think it needs a little tweaking though ~ your title & snowman are scrolling over the words, making it hard to read what you wrote.

DANG! I wish I could do what you do! I freakin LOVE it!


Elvis said...

You gotta kill that graphic. Not that any of us WANT to read what's posted...

Who else has some clean Cheerios?

Carrie said...

fine fine fine... I'll chaneg the graphic....


in the meantime... try making your window a little wider. and shut up.

I mean... thanks for the criticism. ;)

I'll update it tonight after I do my olympic event.

Susie said...

I never find fun contests like that. And yeah - I like the broad building the snowman.

Killired said...

fellow Olympian here... LOVE the new logo!!!!

Carol said...

What a great logo and a greater idea.

A fellow Olympian