Tuesday, January 17, 2006

oh happy day!

something must be inherently wrong with me, because I am so very very excited about tonight.

my wait is over!!!!

TONIGHT...... American Idol returns!!!!! and tonight is the mother of all shows.... not only do I get to make fun of Paula... but TWO WHOLE HOURS speckled with people humiliating themselves!!!! I think I may even make some popcorn... good times!!!

Speaking of POPPING.... in a mini-edition of "oh-no-she-di'int"..... I've got to stop and take note of Kathy Hilton. I mean... I GET IT that whole money doesn't necessarily buy happiness.... but to make it blatantly clear that money also doesn't buy CLASS????? Did we really need to see this???

Kathy... from me to you.....

Honey... you're FORTY SIX YEARS OLD!!!!!!! YOU HAVE FOUR KIDS!!!!! Here's a novel concept.... let THEM do the partying????

Seriously... you could probably SHIT money if you wanted to, yet you insist on going out with your daughters and club-hopping??? C'mon.... no one wants to see you shake your ass. NO one needs to see your raccoon eyes or your double chin.

And for God's sake, woman... if you refuse to act your age and insist on shaking up and re-defining what "Motherly Love" represents... AT LEAST PUT ON A BRA. Your boobs are flopping all over your 1996-lace-pattern-from-victoria's-secret-shirt, and your nipples are visible.

I'm not against couture or a nipple flash here and there, but for crying out loud, Kathy... when you're as rich as you are... people watch what you do. and frankly... what YOU'RE DOING right now is looking like Suzanne Somers in an un-cut version of Three Company left out in the sun for about 30 years. (side note... Suzanne turns SIXTY this year... she has an excuse for looking old.... ) Put them away, Kathy... just put them away..... and try staying home one night and baking cookies. Or hanging out with people YOUR AGE.

either way.... just get dressed and stop trying to be young again. I'd hate to see you looking (even MORE) like the Gastineau Girls.

johnson, out!


dakotablueeyes said...

I could not believe the momma hilton did that. What the hell was she thinkin?

greekchickie said...

Oy vey! She looks HORRIBLE! What WAS she thinking?!

Have fun trash-talking Paula... lol


Anonymous said...


Chief Slacker said...

yeah, some things are just wrong, and taht's on of them. Seriously people, you have enough money, hie a consultant to keep you from looking stupid or something. I'll be your common sense liason for a paltry sum of on, $100k/year. Pocket change! :O)

Laina said...

Maybe her plastic surgeon could use that pic for an ad, because those ARE NOT REAL!!

Laura said...

I'm still reeling that Suzanne is going to be sixty this year?

Come and knock on our door..
We've been waiting for yoooooou
Where the kisses are hers and hers and his..
Three's company, tooooo..

Hey wait..what was that show reeeeally about??? Good gawd.

You're tempting me to turn on the TV..I've seen a grand total of ONE episode of Idol and it was the first season. Maybe I should ch-ch-check it out.

Susie said...

Oh lord... another one for the "I just threw up in my mouth a little" files... Gaaaaa-ROOOOOSSSSS!

CheekyMoo said...

I know you were watching Paula salivate over minor boys. I know you were and I know you noticed.

I'm sure she knew the nips were showing. She had to. She's icky. That's a bedroom/cheeky's blog only outfit fo' sho'!

Christi said...


gina said...

OH NO SHE DI'N'T!!! or however the hell you spell that!!

Jewl said...

Good Lord... that about sums it up!

Liza said...

oh. dear. god.