Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I did what I could

ok... I changed my little picture chick.

it's sassy, and damnit... I'm keeping her.

if it's scrolling under my posts... again, I will suggest that you make your viewing window a tad wider until I learn how to fix my middle column so it doesn't go a wandering.

but other than that... American Idol tonight....

did anyone else notice HOW EMBARRASSED PAULA WAS when Marvin-Gaye-singer-dude carried her out of the judging room (while she was *ahem* RIDING HIM LIKE A FREAKING BRONCO.........) and lo and behold... Dude-guy IS MARRIED?????


fucking classic.

I counted at LEAST 4 DAWGS from Randy tonight. I wonder if my bet is too low???

I'm also apparently going to be bringing home nothing but silvers in the bloggerlympics. oh well... they'll match my wedding ring.


there'll be much ripping on people to do tomorrow, so I'll cut this short. night, gang!


greekchickie said...

I personally love the ripping that you & Angela do on these souls.


dakotablueeyes said...

Love the look!!!! so mad that i missed american idol last night. Not even sure how that happened. ugh

Jenni said...

OMG, she was totally mortified when dude's wife came in....way to go Ryan bringing her in like that!!

and what, in the HELL, what up w/ Incredible Hulk's wife? did they show him singing, if so, I missed it.

The whole hooker girl thing at the end was overhyped IMO. She was bad, but not as funny as some of the others!!!

Laina said...

I love your little sassy chicky! I wish I was more skilled at blog editing (and less lazy so I could get more skilled at blog editing!)

Angela said...

I love the new design- plus it loaded super fast for me! But the type goes over the girl- is that what you were talking about trying to fix? I am pretty computer clueless!

I was very embarrassed for Paula with the married guy. I would have been pissed if I had been the wife!

I loved Kelly Pickler, the girl that lives with her Grandpa. I cried when she got her golden ticket. I wonder what is wrong with me??? ;-)

Mr. Apropos said...

I see what you're trying to do. I'll send you the correct HTML to make it happen.

- dhj

Mr. Apropos said...

okay, so the email address i have for you had fatal errors. i've probably typed something in the wrong way. can you send a message to my ayerd or yahoo account so i get your email addy.


Melissa said...

I've been missing you, so I had to stop by. I am sooo sick of Randy's Dawgs all the time!

Susie said...

God i actually watched this week just so I could follow your blog. The chick at the end was hiLARious! Though how did she get my new outfit?

Hänni said...

You know you loved Rochette DAWG!

"Paula Abdul is old... Straightupnowtellmedoyoureallywanna... I don't think so."

Uisce said...

I'm so hooked on American Idol it's not even funny. OMG, what if someone I know reads this comment? I'm ruined! :/