Wednesday, March 01, 2006


ok... so by now everyone's had a chance to e-mail me and get their game cards... so it's time to begin!

Any posts from here on out will be applicable towards checking off a square.

Good luck to all who have entered... may the Gods of Cze-bingo be with you!

speaking of contests.... I have a way that I may be able to be bribed!!!

If you'd like for me to blog about a certain subject (say something in a very coveted CORNER SQUARE) why don't you hop on over to SUSIE'S PLACE and particpate in her contest today??? It's her name that tune contest, and she should be posting this week's round at 9am. Be sure to leave her a comment and tell her I sent you!!!!

now the bitch of it all is that I (oops... guess I"m not giving up cursing for Lent!) anyways... the bitch of it all is that Mass starts at 9am, which means I ought to be leaving in about a half hour, which ALSO means I won't be playing in Suser's contest today.

on TOP of that, I have to skee-daddle to to a get together at 9:30, so there's no way I'll be getting any points. which really sucks cause I WAS in the lead. fuckernuts.

anyways... today is just one of those days that I really think giving up drinking for Lent is a bad idea. but since I already screwed the pooch on the cursing thing... I ought to do something tough.

so what else??? oh!! as for the outgoing links square... header and footers are NOT included. sorry. so don't even try to play that shit. anyways.. I talked about drinking already, so you can go ahead and check that one off.

I'm not very pleased with my template. I may be changing it again. stupid "hello" service made the banner all grainy and distorted, so I may have to switch it up again.


I need to get holy. seriously. I need me some Jesus!

go play Susie's game, and good luck to all the Cze-bingoers!!!

Happy March!


Porq said...

Some churchs are just having a "service" to distribute ashes to the faithful. Maybe you'll luck out and they won't have a collection!!


Susie said...

Sorry but I was just overcome with how COOL you are. I mean seriously? The cool factor? Off the charts! You are the Diva of Cool.

And you better stop by my game anyway because someone always fucks up and you could be there all cool and shit.

Ok! Have fun at your thang!

Porq said...

Hey SUSIE!!!

WASSUP with a the sucking up ??

Maybe if I said Carrie was a FRIGID BITCH, would that count as you saying she is cool???

Carrie, take points off for OVER SUCKING-UP!!! or you're out of the will!!


greekchickie said...

No no no... Carrie IS the Queen of Cool. And I'm sticking to it!


Susie said...

Pops - One of the squares on the Bingo card is for Sucking Up! She's your kid!

But she's VERY cool.

Elvis said...

"how cool I am"

Jenni said...

I agree. Carrie is the Queen of COOL. :-) Really, you are like the coolest chick I've ever met. Even if I've only met you once. ;)

Unfortunately, all the boxes I've marked so far will be forever blocked from completion b/c I don't have a blog to add someone to my damn Blogroll! ARGH!!!!

Angela said...

You are definitely one cool chick!

Have a wonderful day!

Porq said...

Elvis is the first born and IS the favorite.

It always sucks to be somebody!!!

Uncle Roy taught his kids..

Now Carrie's Uncle is COOL!
Being the first born is COOL!

I really don't think of Carrie as a BITCH, 'cause she's my lilly kid!

carlotta fun said...

Sorry I missed the bingo deadline! My head's been in a trash can since yesterday afternoon and it slipped my mind. Hopefully I can catch you next time. Game on...

Wethyb said...

Game on. You're so cool :) HAHA!

Laina said...

Woohoo, Carrie is the coolest!! Except that she doesn't like NASCAR. I just don't get it. That's the flaw in her otherwise perfect personality. :)

Anonymous said...

I thought you were the coolest even BEFORE your Bingo game!

Way cool,you are.

Porq said...


I forgot to sign my "OINK" after my last post.

Must be the ashes on my head!!!! duh....


Liza said...

hehe, way to swear when you mention church. crazy girl. i have my card i just hope i remember to play it every day since i'm at work it's hard to keep up!!

Elvis said...

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