Thursday, March 02, 2006

exorcising the demons

well... I see we had a very good turnout yesterday for the Cze-Bingo kickoff.

My Old man called me a frigid bitch... in attempts of checking off the "cool" square. I can't really give him and flack for that, being that... well... I AM a bitch!

anyways... my brother came by earlier today just to leave his comment for the day. me thinks he's trying to get his 'leave a comment every day for a week' square marked off.

as for me... I'm trying to get the 'make house not look like a fucking pigstye' square checked off.

I FINALLY got around to putting the sheets on the bed in the guest room, and cleaning that bathroom.

I still have 2 more 'main' sections of hardwoods that need attention, and I'm debating whether or not to vacuum during my little break here.

the laundry.... I don't know. I think we must secrete some funky "make clothes double in size once in the hamper (or on the floor sorta near the hamper cause God forbid someone actually LIFTS the LID off the damn thing)" syrum or something. anyways... my point is this. we've got a lot of frigging clothes. and they always need to be washed!!!

I really don't get it, either... I mean... it's not like i'm back in the having-a-social-life days where I used to change outfits like 6 times a day? I dunno.

what else... I was kinda upset no one took my bait for a bribe and played Susie's contest yesterday. though neener neener neener... I ended up winning the month of February anyways, so no corner squares for you!

oh... speaking of nothing, but I was just reminded... can I get a HELL YEAH that the Office is back on tonight??? sheesh! I mean, God Bless America and everything, but Lord Almighty, I was OVAH those Olympics!!! tonight I rest intent knowing my fix of Steve Carell will be met. LOVE that show!

have I said ANYWAYS three times yet?? hmmmm. yes.

ok. that's all for now. I must tend to my fish in this stupid fish-tycoon game I downloaded... and then clean. for the house does not clean itself.



Wethyb said...

Yay I'm first! So when you say "blogging about shit", do you mean shit literally or do you mean, just blogging about whatever? lol. And "blogging about my ass" do you mean about your actual ass or just talking about yourself? Inquiring minds want do know :)

This is so fun. What a great idea!

Porq said...

I don't understand.."less than three (3) uses of "anyways"???

You actually typed the word three times but used it in a sentence twice? DUH..??

Soooo.. if you're just fooling everybody, that's cool. ( Now I get to check off the square)!!

Another thing.. what if I post a "WEAK" comment everyday?? Does that count??


oh yeah, I did see that you won Susie's Contest for Febutary!!


Angela said...

Congrats on winning the contest at Susie's. I will get you next month!

Oh, and can you throw a load of laundry in for me too? ;-)

greekchickie said...

That's ok... you're STILL the coolest!

I'm kinda confused about the "you having the fever on your blogroll" square. Can you explain that one for me?

And since the contest started on Wed, can we count Wed-Fri as a full week, or do we have to wait til NEXT week to check off that one, if we comment every day next week, that is?


greekchickie said...

And yes, would you mind explaining the "blogging about my ass"? Do you literally mean about your ass or yourself as in ~ "My ass was busy cleaning house."?


gina said...

i am off to a rockin start. lol.
does "old man" constitute blogging about troy? LOL

Susie said...

Hey Shiznit - Congrat again on winning for Feb. Rock Star! Put the badge on your page when you get a chance. Look at everyone trying to get you to comment in your own comment section...HAHAHA

I can guess at what her answers might be....
Blogging about my ass = when she talks about having a fat ass - her butt, her bum, her junk in the trunk.
Blogging about shit - Pretty sure this is about poop. Hers, Troy's, Rhena's. #2. Can time. Squirts.

Now I'm scared I know you tooooo well. HAAAHAHAHAHAAAAA

Susie said...

Hm. For the record Carrie doesn't actually HAVE a fat ass. She thinks she does, but she doesn't. But it's nice!

Shi need to stop sucking up or your Dad is going to yell at me again.

Carrie You suck! HA

Anonymous said...


Here's my comment for the day.

I have to come back later to look at my card and find any applicable squares.
I am documenting every one with date and notes!


Gosh that I could be this organized in real life!

We gave up on hampers 2 kids ago...Now it is a pile like the blob!

Elvis said...

comment per diem

Laina said...

DAMN, no new squares for me today! But I did play Susie's game yesterday, because it's the coolest. Except for Cze-Bingo, that is.

Jenni said...

hey carrie! count this as my comment for the day.... :-)

Where you be???? I haven't heard from you since what, Monday?? ;)

Liza said...

DUDE you looooove the office too? I FRICKIN LOVE THE OFFICE!!!

omg last night was great with dwights speech. i nearly shat myself. *pound pound pound*