Friday, March 17, 2006

Luck of the (greek) Irish

well.. first off... happy St. Patty's Day, everyone!

In other news.. we finally have our first winner of Cze-Bingo!! Marianna of My Big Fat Greek Blog... aka Greekchickie... cashed in with her 5-in-a-row yesterday afternoon. Take a look:

Now fear not... there's still 4 more ways to win! Everyone's got a chance at the four remaining puzzles, cause no one has falsely claimed bingo on those patterns yet! Sorry, Marianna, but Cze-Bingo is officially over for you. Now that you're a winner, sit back and rest on your laurels. oh, and cheer on everyone else, cause no prizes will be sent until all the puzzles have been achieved!

on a last note.... I would like to extend her wishes to everyone for a happy and safe celebration of all things Irish today. if you have any shots, raise one up for the Old Man Murph.... and know that these Irish Eyes are Smilin' on you.


greekchickie said...

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!!

I was hoping you weren't wearing green so I could piiiiinch you! You're so damn cute!

Yay on the win! I'm happy!

Anonymous said...

wow that's cool but what about that fatass Mariah Carey?


Susie said...

yeah what about those red necks or something...nascar? anything?

Happy St. Pats Day! Sweet cheeks!

Laina said...

Susie, I think we have the same card, lol.