Monday, March 13, 2006

Back to the Grind

well... I had a nice weekend.

I know some of you were wondering why no posts this weekend, but hey. I was busy.

Before I get into my daily rant about whatever... I want to call your attention to my SIDEBAR.

For those of you who are Cze-Bingo Impaired, I have added some info that will help you play along. I have begun to list the squares that all of you may check off... along with the link to the post in which the topic was mentioned. MIND you... you all still have plenty of opportunities to cross off squares. leaving the cool comment, commenting every day for a week (yes, that's SEVEN days in a row!) , having a link to me in your blogroll, or even campaigning to get 20 unique commenters to leave a comment on one post. (NO... this does not mean the post must exceed 20 comments... I'm looking for 20 different folks leaving a comment. on one post.)


oh how the sweet sweet justice comes around! Remember a few posts back when my dear old pop made mention of what a FRIGID BITCH I AM??? HAH! that dumb old Polack called Cze-Bingo on Friday for 5-in-a-row and DOESN'T HAVE IT!!!!

SO that means he is NO LONGER QUALIFIED to win the 5-in-a-row!!! I promised to lay much much shame and ridicule on those who falsely claim Cze-bingo... but I think the irony speaks for itself in this case.

Oh, and Gina is ALSO not allowed to win the 5-in-a-row puzzle, cause she biffed it earlier too.

So... as the sidebar states... all puzzles are STILL up for grabs!

And regarding the sidebar... if you feel I've made mention of something that would call for a square being crossed off, but I DO NOT have it listed... e-mail me, or leave a comment. Being that I'm the judge and everything, I can give you the official ruling.


now that THAT'S out of the way.....

On Friday I made MENTION of New Jersey, but I didn't really blog about it. I will do so today, however... because it turns out I'll be going there next week!

I'm pretty excited, because at first, it seemed as if my trip to DC was going to be doomed due to lack of babysitting. However... after a serious bout of cursing, near run-in with tears, and a very needed IM session... I've decided to scrap the plane ticket, and drive with Boogie up to Jersey. Thankfully, my folks will watch Rhena while I have a very nice child-free-adult-cultural-but-no-drinking-cause-I-gave-it-up-for-lent-weekend in our nation's Capital.

It's going to be a pain in the ass to drive, but there'll be plenty o' benefits to being home. First off is really the FOOD, but I have to say it's seeing my family. but seriously. I can't wait to EAT! I mean, you know... have dinner with my folks and my brother and his crew and other relatives.

Also, having the peace of mind that Rhena's with family helps me a great deal, too. and I just LOVE Jersey. I mean.. I love living here in our big ass house... but going home is good. resets the batteries if you will. cause you know.... every once in a while... even a bitch like me needs a mom and dad, too. and pizza. and music. and a damned dunkin donuts that carries the apple-crunch flavor. and more family.

so yeah. headin' up to the Garden State so I can go away to DC for a weekend. makes sense to me.

ok. that's all for now. I have CCD tonight, so I have to get my stuff ready for tonight. Also... Rhena starts up her swimming classes again tomorrow, so be on the lookout for an adorable baby with a new cabana set!


Porq said...

I actually didn't CLAIM to have CZE-BINGO because of the uncertainty of the top right square on Game board #2. BUT... if you want to say that i did FALSELY claim a CZE-BINGO, good for you , because you are the KING of CZE-BINGO and it's your rules!

PLUS... since it's LENT, we( the CZE-family) will only eat fish while you are home!!!

It always sucks to be somebody!!


Anonymous said...

man come on!
I dont even have the freaking DISCO square.

Hope you had a good weekend!

Oh you have to post some cute swimming pictures (preferably 3 or more) of Rhena!

Susie said...

Dude you are making it so easy telling us what Bingo squares to have - I say let us bitches fend for ourselves! But you are kind.

Sounds like a great plan for you and family. Can't wait to slap your ass in person. And drink because I didn't give that up for Lent.

greekchickie said...

Ok... I have a question (raising my hand)...

If you blog about eating food up in New Jersey, does that qualify for "being hungry" square? I'm really not that dumb... I'm really just curious! LOL

Have a blast up north & I sure hope you'll be able to blog while you're on vacation.

You know, you haven't talked about Troy lately... how is the old chap?


Angela said...

I am so out of the loop.

I am glad I had no idea that the DC trip was in danger because I would have been freaking out!

I am extra glad that it is all worked out! :-)

gina said...

yeah it is gonna be so fun driving to jersey to see family then party with friends. have fun and be safe!!!!

Liza said...

I'm glad you are having a list on the sidebar for the blocks checked off cuz I'm having a hard time keeping up since I can't do this at home!!!

Too bad New Jersey isn't actually Michigan cuz then you could come see me and we could party =]