Tuesday, March 14, 2006


so today had to have been one of the best half hours to be Rhena's mom.

I can NOT even begin to describe how FUCKING EXCITED she was to be at swim class today. the joyful shrieking began as soon as we stepped out of the locker room and she saw the water.

I mean... she was happy before then. but she always gets happy when she puts on new clothes. see?

but dude. if she could ever hone the power of Randy Jackson.. I ASSURE you she was FEELIN' IT, DAWG!!!! cause DUDE!!! IT WAS THE BOMB!!!!!!

From the beginning of class to the very last song, my little petunia kicked and splashed and laughed in delight. She clapped!!! cause look how fun my teacher is when she SINGS!!! and when I CLAP I SPLASH!!! hoooooooooo hoooooooooooo hoooooooo heh heh heh!!!!

sorry... I was putting myself in Rhena's head there for a minute.

but good times, seriously.

I still think the locker room is much like the discovery channel, but when my baby has THAT good of a time... hell. it's worth it.


Angela said...

That is super that you had such a great time!

When I saw that picture, all I could think of was "Strike a pose. Vogue!"

Thanks, now I have Madonna in my head.

Porq said...

Ya gotta admit...

Oh wait, you only have one kid so she's gotta be the favorite.

Derek knows.


Elvis said...

Damn right I know.

Susie said...

Sounds like a blast! And I love the picture!!

Jill Monroe said...

Too too fun!

gina said...

dang, look at those chops!! how cute is she!!!

Anonymous said...

what a sweetie!


Come on!

greekchickie said...

I agree, Novaks8! Come on, we needed different views! LOL

She's a stinkin' cutie patootie. She just makes me wanna give her kisses!


Sara said...

how cute is she?

Liza said...

haha, we got a hot one tonight :P

she looks so grown up in that picture!!! what a cutie!!!

Wethyb said...

She's so cute!

I'm slacking at BINGO and won't win. That's what a I get for being away for 4 days. Doh. Oh well :)

Anonymous said...

wethyb- you have time to catch up!

Sheesh, at this rate we will be on social security by the time someone yells Bingo!