Friday, March 31, 2006

A new look, and a video

well, it's no surprise I changed my look.

April is upon us, so it's time to shed the greens and make way for some fresh pastels. I may have a few kinks to work out yet; let me know if you notice anything kooky.

oh, and by popular request... and because Susie said I COULD post it....

here's that video of some crazy hotel action from DC. The video makes me laugh, but add in the fact that You-tube can never quite get the sound matched up to what you're seeing, and it makes it that much more interesting.

enjoy, and see y'all at the parade.


just susie said...

Love the look, funny bunny!

And who's the rock star on that video...roooowrrrrr..

Jill Monroe said...

I really like the new look!

Elvis said...

that video action is some funny shit. I'm talkin' Zoolander funny.

maybe it's the vino. nah - it's all good.

greekchickie said...

Oh girlie! You were HUMPED!!! ROFL!

Cool new springy layout, too.


Hänni said...

"I need more humping"