Friday, March 10, 2006

Sunny days and Disco ways

so you ever have one of those days that you just KNOW if someone was following /watching you, that the soundtrack would be really frigging AWESOME???

so today is TOTALLY one of those days for me. today is a DISCO DAY.

let's face it... coming from a girl who dedicated her blog for at least three months to a disco theme and purely song titles... it should be no surprise on how I dig those groovy beats from the 70's.

I mean, I'm sure some of you are thinking that my taste in music may be questionable, but you don't hear me bagging on your weird niche for country or 80's music.. or at least not today, anyway....

but seriously. it's not like I grew up in studio 54, or had a roller-momma and leisure-suit daddy growing up. On the contrary.. my folks exposed us to all sorts of music growing up.. from classical to the classics. and I appreciate it all... but I love me some disco!

and I can't quite explain my 'fervor' for the fever of Disco... it's just there.

maybe before 1972, my soul resided in a blue-satin, feathered-hair-havin' dancing queen. maybe just maybe I frequented the clubs as a hot-to-trot little thing in my twenties but died of a drug overdose in late 1971. so full-well knowing the music I loved and died with was only just beginning, I re-incarnated myself into a little girl destined to be born in the suburbs of Jersey in December of '72. maybe.

but maybe not.

maybe I just have a thing for disco. well, not MAYBE. I definitely do. no doubt about it.

and when people ask me WHY I have such a ZEN for disco... I really don't have an explanation. it's just there. like some people REALLY like chocolate. and other people REALLY like breathing. Me? I like disco.

My biggest theory (other than the drug-overdose-die-before-my-true-prime-reincarnation-theory) is that as a child of the 70's, I just associate the disco music with happy and carefree times of yesteryear. As a teenager-now-adult, disco tapped into some mental security blanket that made me feel safe and happy, much like the way I felt throughout my entire childhood. safe and happy.

and I *kinda* give myself psychological props, cause on paper (or monitor) that SOUNDS understandable.... how can the one thing that triggers someone inward to a safe and calm be the one thing that invigorates and liberates me the most?

It doesn't make sense. honestly, for as long as I can remember, I have always found my escape in music. Whether I was 12 years old making up new dance moves for the latest duran duran video (because I was positive that Simon LeBon would notice my stellar routine and want to marry me...) or 18 going to the 18-to-party-21-to-drink nightclubs with my cousin Rachel to catch the latest 'freestyle' artist that was performing that week, or throughout my 20's and even now.... the music set me free.

In the clubs.. I was no longer anyone's daughter or sister or student. I was a wisp of paper flowing to whatever direction the windy beats would take me. I was an enigma. I no longer had to have the right answers or say the right words, because I was caught up in the music. Each layer and riff and beat would enter my ears and take over my body until the lights would come on.

As a mom now living in make-shift Stepford, sometimes it's hard to connect with those feelings I had in my 20's. when I was in college, I took a creative writing class, and I actually captured my thoughts about music. I wrote it in Spring of '94, but still have the assignment. here's what it said:

People are watching me. I know it. I'm not always aware of them, but I know it. Some are blatant about it, crowding around me, pointing with their ooh's and ahh's. Others are discreet. They pretend to occupy themselves with something while they sneak glances at the spectacle. That's ok, though. I'm not here for them, I'm here for me.'s like a drug, really, this music; these tribal, electronic sounds I experience. They call to me; they get inside. Before long, my heart pumps to a 16-count, and my legs begin to kick. I can't control my actions.... I'm moving my arms now. I can't tell anymore whether I'm hearing the music, or if it's coming from me. I feel alive, as laser-bright colors stream through me like electricity. maybe I'm dead... I think I'm floating. My hips won't stop shaking. It's got control of me now. This feeling wants to get out, to explode; but my body provides limitations, so I sweat. I open my mouth and my spirit screams free. This is Euphoria. This is Saturday night, and I'm dancing.
Let them watch.

Again... as a mom now, I don't get much time to get out there and shake it, but any time I hear a good disco song... it burrows in and gets things moving... even if only just a flutter some days. it reminds me of who I am... even when I'm buried deep down under layers and layers of real life.

so yeah. I love me some disco music. plain and simple.

Now turn up the music and Dance!! dance, dance, dance!!!!!


greekchickie said...

I loved Simon... *SWOON*

I could totally see you in Studio 54. Or Area 57... or maybe I have the 2 confused.

You know what I'm talking about.


Maria said...

I'm convinced we were seperated at birth. I'm also convinced that if a time machine is ever invented, I wouldn't use it for something good or useful...but instead, to spend one night shaking my ass in NY at 54.

Porq said...



Porq said...

Oh yeah... I think I have a BINGO.
Card # 2 lower left diagonal to upper right. I left my card in work and I think disco is the top right corner.
??? duh... I dunno until Monday!


Rowan said...

I'm right there with you.
I love my kids, but sometimes, I just ache to go dance the night away.

Anonymous said...

I dont have a disco square!

You giving pops special treatment or something?

remind me to tell you the story in which I emailed the wrong Carrie and said something about her posting about shit.

funny stuff.

Susie said...

My best friend in college had a disco ball (or 3) and before a night we'd always pre-game by dancing to Donna Summer or ABBA or Bee Gees or... before heading out. Some nights we never made it out because the music was so good in.

Shake it like a Polaroid picture, baby!

gina said...

oh yeah. i blog about my need to dance on speakers every few weeks... music makes me have these thoughts. i totally understand, but dont think other people "really" like music like i do. now i know YOU do.

hey, we are only 1 month apart in age- cool.

greekchickie said...

Oh you suck, Porq! Carrie ~ quick! Load me up for the weekend! I gotta get Bingo!


Hänni said...

I love your excerpt. It reminds me of an experience I had at a club when I was a senior in highschool.

Not coordinated enough for Donna Summers, my disco is loud, lively rock music.

Anonymous said...

dude......where you at?

Liza said...

DUDE I love the 70s and I wasn't even alive during any part of them! Yesterday I dressed very 70s (even down to my hair, you'll have to see pics!) and I watched Brady Bunch all weekend, lol!!!