Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Playing Games

well.. I have to hand it to Susie.

not only is she referring people to my blog to get an easy point by complimenting my win last month in her Name That Tune game.... but she's also trying to get me to comment in my own comment section to get a point. tricky. I like her style.

I ALSO notice that the last post is dannnngerously close to 20 comments. but the trick was that they have to be from different commenters.... so don't think you'll be getting that square just yet. BUT... all of you SHOULD be kissing susie's ass for campaigning for the comments for me so y'all CAN cross that square off. Talk about a team player!!! y'all could learn something from her! ;)

and yes.. yesterday I DID NOT say Anyways three or more times. you know... I DO like for some people to get squares every now and then.... sheesh! I mean... even though my dad might call me a frigid bitch (oh, and I think Susie did, too.... which by the way.. thanks guys... you make me feel so loved!) anyways.. even though my dad called me a frigid bitch it doesn't mean I don't want people to have fun in Cze-bingo! so mark your cards already!

what else... oh yes. my post.

today I caught myself being a little sneaky. Not sneaky as in weasely-sneaky... just sneaky in a trying-to-manipulate-the-situation-sneaky.

today, ladies and gents... today was my turn to host playgroup. GAH.

now... I've said it before, but seriously.... there are TOO many kids in our playgroup. and they're animals.

As much as I almost even LIKE each of the moms by themselves.... the moms have this strange ability to turn into completely different people when around each other (I call it the Estee Lauder effect... back from my make-up mafia days when I worked with a group of women that were so far up each other's asses I had a hard time deciphering where one stopped and the other started). It's like... one can't shit without the other one wiping their ass. does that make sense???

when these particular women get together... they are worse than the Heathers from "Heathers". which is ALSO ultimately fine...but there's no way in fucking hell you're going to see me nestling into anyone's ass any time soon. because as some people have noticed... I'm really not into kissing anyone's ass. ESPECIALLY in a group setting.

There happens to be a main Heather in our playgroup. and she also happens to not ever attend playgroup if it is hosted at a location away from our neighborhood. I know this because she has a very important activity that she does with one of her other animals... I mean children... and due to timing, it's not logistically possible for her to attend any 'satellite location' playgroups.

so today... I hosted it at the mall.

sneaky, I know... but my reasoning is that if the Main Heather didn't attend, then perhaps the other Estee Lauder Girls would ALSO not attend, and it just might be me, Rhena, and the three other moms I actually like from playgroup.

sneaky. see?

but honestly... I don't care. I'm cordial and pleasant and will make my small talk with each of the moms... but that's the extent of it. I have a tiny feeling that some of the moms don't like that I don't do the whole southern-bullshit-fakely-sweet behavior... and others yet are probably miffed I don't go out of my way to make everything about them.... but you know what I say to people like that? FUCK 'EM!

and really.. thats just how it is.

there's certain games I'm willing to play.. and others yet I know I have to regardless of how much I'm stewing inside.... but shit like that is usually reserved for family and GOOD friends.

again... they're nice enough as individuals. I respect them as women and as moms and as living breathing humans sharing this planet, and the same neighborhood at that.

but when I see a normally independent, smart and funny individual turning into a YES-girl... repeating things and saying other things for the sake of being liked or accepted by another individual who couldn't give two shits about anyone other than themselves... well... it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I start to lose respect for the wannabe.

I have seen it. we ALL have. mainly in high school, but I can guarantee you that if you put a group of women together, this phenomenon happens.

And... not to lie or anything.. in the past I have also been guilty of toying with someone ... just to see how far they will go. And that's wrong, and I know it. Which is why I now just pretty much try to avoid situations where I see the Estee Lauder Effect happening.

so today... Main Heather did not show up... and the Estee Lauder girls were social. It was actually a nice time today.. as much as I hate to admit it.

but then again... maybe I'm just in a good mood because I have a date tonight. but more about that tomorrow.

have a great day, gang!


Angela said...

Oh, yes, Carrie, whatever you say. I agree 1000%! ;-) I have always thought Southern hospitality was so fake. There is nothing like good old Midwestern folks- they are genuinely nice people.

I commented on your rock star ways in your last post, as Susie commanded. I need all the points I can get to beat you this month!

Have a great time on your date!

Porq said...

Did you have the kids play at Victoria's Secret so you can clock up a few hours of pay?
AND ANGELA.. remember JERSEY people don't give a shit or take any shit from ANYBODY.. or we kill ya... like Tony Soprano would.

I'm so proud of my little conniving, manipulative girl from CARRIE-LAND!!


Laina said...

Awesome! I counted three squares today. There was ass talk, shit talk, and playgroup talk. Beautiful, freaking beautiful!! :D And Sunday is race day, I'm hopeful on that score as well!

WILLIAM said...

I need points for over at raising liam. I like the look of the blog here.

Wethyb said...

Don't you hate how it's like high school all over again? WTF???

Jodes said...

carrie-o- did you at least get some sweet tea while at the mall, you february rock star?

greekchickie said...

I really try not to associate myself with those kind of relationships. UGH~ soooo high school!

And thanks for the 3 squares today!


gina said...

uggg i can totally understand. i see it all over. i am like you in the way that i dont like to kiss people's asses. fuck em i say . fuck em.

have a great date tonight? who ya going out with ? oh wait, i can stop conniving. i am out of the game. lol.

Susie said...

Thanks to laina for pointing out the squares to cross off cause I is too tiiii-yed to.

I like to see my peeps over here paying some homage...or as you say in french "homage".

Yeah overtired.


And I like that William left you a comment here but didn't play the game today to get an easy point there.

By the way thanks for paying some respect to my Irish peeps. It's not all potatoes and lager you know. We likes the shamrocks and pots of gold too!

Porq said...

Hey.. how about a little clarification.. Does talking about kissing somebody's ass the same as BLOGGING ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE'S ASS?? I don't think so.. I think you mean talking about someone else's FAT ass( other than Mariah Carey). Now when you listed "BLOGGING ABOUT MY ASS" do you mean being FAT OF ASS or being kissed or just mentioning your DUPA???

duh.. How about clearing it up in a future blog. 34 days till PIEROGI SEASON


Liza said...

fuck me gently with a chainsaw!

haha, i love heathers. great movie. but anyone who acts like those heathers are idiots.

i gotta be honest, i'm hardly keeping up with playing bingo. i want to but it's really hard cuz i'm at work and have no internet at home! but i'm still trying, i'm just not doign very well. wedding planning is kicking my ass this week.

Anonymous said...

I dont think the shit talk counts nor the ass blogging.
Please clarify.

And on 3-01-06 you used less than 3 anyways.

I have no life.
Cze Bingo IS my life.

Oh, AND American Idol.

Visit our AI blog

Laina said...

I got an email--ass talk yes, shit talk NO. Shit talk has to be about actual, not figurative, shit.

greekchickie said...

3/9/06 ~ I'm here!



Susie said...

I know you are busy and all but...

Would you throw us a frickin' bone here?

Life Of Abbreviations... said...

Totally off subject....Hi by the way...I've been slacking at keeping up with you!

I was watching tv the other day and there was a lady on some TLC show from S.C. who said that when she was younger, she had to attend charm school to teach her how to be a southern lady, and this was apparently common practice in NC/SC. So my question is, do they really have these things by you? And I thought the southern belle, southern charm thing was a gene you were born with? LOL...
Man, I think I would have flunked something like that faster than I flunked confirmation class...

john boy said...

What? Wait. Are you playing a GAME without ME?? How did that happen? Where have I been? I feel so lost and empty. I'm an outsider in Cze-World. My life is over!!! :P