Saturday, March 04, 2006


so it appears that yesterday just kinda got away from me.

I feel just a TEENY bit bad about telling you all to come here and comment every day, and yet I don't have a new post for you... but then again... I really don't feel all THAT bad. so deal with it.

I realize it's been a while since I've mentioned Rhena... just because of the whole cze-bingo thing and everything. but I need to just break the seal already and tlel you all what an amazing little person she is.

now... I know everyone's rolling their eyes, because really--- who wants to hear yet ANOTHER PARENT touting the wonders of their child?

to spare you SOME of the it's-so-damn-thick-in-here-I-need-a-pair-of-boots feelings... I'll say this. Rhena is amazing to me because I look at her and think... huh! we made that!!! I mean. that little body came OUT of ME!!! fucking amazing!

I mean, so I guess besides my amazement in general for the creation of another human... I look at her and watch all the things she does. I can see her think. and that... well that's pretty damn cool, too.

she makes monster noises, she teases me by pretending to chew my nose. she has a fake laugh (yes.. already! she knows when she has an audience, and she certainly hams it up!)

she runs, she jumps, and oh so much more.

and lately... she's been VERY lovey. hugs, kisses, and a few extra snuggles on the couch here and there.

and all of that... every day that's filled with EXCITEMENT!! and NEWNESS!!! is what amazes me the most. She is literally the coolest science project I have ever had in my life.

so anyways... there's your post about Rhena. now I can freely talk about her cause her 'contest seal' has been broken.

oh and by the way... anyways anyways!!!

have a great weekend. Tomorrow is Sunday, and since it's a popular day for something I don't like.. I may very well be blogging again.



Sara said...

Cute little science project! I know how you feel. Mason just found his shadow. Oh the wonder!

greekchickie said...

WOOHOO! I STILL think you're cool! LOL

I'm working on 3 rows with this blogger shhhtuff. You're awesome with this game, btw.


Porq said...

Did you say something???

I wasn't listening!!


Susie said...

Tomorrow has something you don't like? Why? Church?

I feel the same about my snugglebuns. I think it's the age of lovability or something.


gina said...

you ARE cool, and so is rhena. :) happy sunday. hope no one annoying is sitting behind you at church. lol.

Anonymous said...


Let me get out my bingo card...


Hope you are having a great weekend!

scrappintwinmom said...

Great post. If people don't like reading about your gorgeous little science project they can go elsewhere right? I'm guilty of it too. Thanks for coming to visit me!

Susie said...

Oh I just realized you meant NASCAR. DUH. But you don't want to mention it cause of bingo. Sneaky bitch!

Elvis said...

comment date: 3/5/2006
Comment! Comment! Comment!

Jenni said...

dammit. I didn't get a chance to get on the computer yesterday. to start all over on my 5 day thing.

Hope your day of Nascar is going well, Carrie!!!

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!