Thursday, March 16, 2006

Good riddance

Is it me, or does anyone else find it EXTREMELY odd that Chicken Little is STILL on American Idol???

I mean... don't get me wrong.. I was happy to see Whore-bagger go already, but good lord, people.... THE KID HAS A LISP!!!!

Oh well... it's been a tiring past few days; and unfortunately because of that, I've lost my verve for shredding on pretty much every person affiliated with AI. maybe next week.

oh wait... next week I'll be driving to NJ. oh well. I'll find a way to bitch.... I always do!

anyways; American Idol has been my train wreck for the past five years. I can't help but watch the HORRID singers during auditions, then as the season progresses, I can't help but watch as Randy LITERALLY makes himself and others dumber the more he's on air. I can't help but watch Paula embarrass anyone and everyone who was ever a cheerleader in their lives, and SImon... well.. I don't mind him so much, but seriously.. the Eddie Munster hair needs some fixin'.

Ryan Seacrest is on the show, but I still can't figure out why. it's not like anyone ever LISTENS to him. I mean, if you're going to get into a pissing match with Simon every week, at least make it worth watching. I swear watching those two go back and forth is worse than two sorority girls fighting over lipgloss during spring break.

but I continue to watch. I continue to watch as people like Kelly Pickler and Bucky Cowboy make normal people wonder aloud if EVERYONE from North Carolina lives in a trailer and considers dining at Cracker Barrel a fancy supper.

it literally makes my head hurt. but... I continue to watch.

oh well. my own fault, I know, but hey.. I never claimed to have a lot of common sense.


gina said...

i'm just glad that south carolina isnt being embarrassed right now, and they are focusing all the trailer/cracker barrel stuff to you just north of me . lol

Porq said...


Gooney Goo Gus.. WTF???

I DON'T watch American Idol and I REALLY don't know what you're talking about.

BRING BACK SIMON LeBON at least I kew who he was... is.. ??


Jenni said...

uh, so what does that make me if I live in a trailer and Cracker Barrel IS fancy for us???? LOL!!!!

I know the answer: WHITE TRASH!!! hahahaha!

greekchickie said...


Five in a row ~ middle row!!!

Card #3



Anonymous said...


Every week I cringe at what people are thinking about NC!

What they SHOULD be thinking is DAMN look at how many NC people are in the top 12!

Can I get a hell yeah?