Friday, March 31, 2006

The History of Things

so as I said, I had a weekend with my girlfriends in DC.

originally, I was going to FLY in, just for the weekend, but Troy's boss can be a real wanker, and he ended up having to work like 100 hours that weekend, so I actually ended up driving to jersey with Rhena, leaving her with my folks, then driving down to DC (sans Rhena) then driving back up to jersey so I could drive back down to NC (yes.. WITH Rhena)

It was ultimately a LOT of work for everyone involved, including my parents, but it was very worth it. and when I say worth it, I mean even worth me driving around DC proper for an hour and a half looking for Fucking-shitbagged New Hampshire Avenue, so I could finally find the rat-bastard hotel. TOTALLY rolled off my back once I saw the girls. oh, AND the 10 pounds of moosemunch Susie brought... but that's just between you and me.

As for the girls... we have a bit of history, so I find it very appropriate that we met in our Nation's capitol... where history just freaking OOZES out of practically everything you look at.

and as for our history; it may not be decades or anything, but during our time as friends.... we have gone through pregnancies, infertility issues, childbirth, child rearing, too many martinis, dogs, happiness and heartache. Those are but paltry examples; for we have shared OUR LIVES with each other these past few years. and that's really all I can say about that. I trust these girls with my secrets, and they know when to kick me in the ass, and when to cry along with me. They accept me for the crass and non-intentionally-obliterating bitch I can be, and I don't need to filter when it comes to saying how I feel about anything. so yeah. we's got history.

And DC. It was an emotionally good time for me to see the sights as well as be with my friends. The last time I was in DC, I was in the ninth grade. Back then I remember being very humbled by all that I saw. the history of sacrifice, power and greatness. It inspired me as a young adult on the verge of my future in that I, too, could be capable of great things.

As an adult and as a parent, and even as a woman.. this weekend rekindled that humbling spirit in me. I weeped at the war memorials. I gave thanks to my God for the freedoms I have, and that my husband and father, who have each served in branches of our nation's military... fufilled their obligations without physical harm. As a woman and mother myself, I cried for all the women who lost boyfriends, husbands, sons and daughters. and once again, I was thankful for Troy and my father being unharmed.

But again, I was inspired by the great people, past and present, who dedicate their lives to making America what it is. and please... I KNOW we're not a perfect nation, and I KNOW there are equally as many corrupt politicians only eager in satisfying their personal agendas. SO spare me the comments where you bash anyone in particular. We're still a complex nation with many many freedoms, and given the number of citizens (legal or otherwise) with the number of opinions that we have.. I think the United States of America is doing ok.

And again... I don't want this to turn into a political debate of hate for certain politicians or laws. No system is perfect, and not every kid likes the rules. And seriously... if you think being an American sucks... try working for THEN tell me about what sucks. So can it for now, or go hang out with Johnny Depp in France.

SO anyways... back to inspiring and happy shit. It was good.

And as for the girls again... we had fun. or at least I know I did. Conversation flowed easily, there were no uncomfortable moments, and there was plenty of good food.

Friday night had us walking around where we finally ended up in Luigi's. shit-yeah, dawg!!! I needed me some pasta, and my manicotti was on the spot. The place itself had a nice history, and having just come from Jersey where the italian food is the best fucking shit on earth.... I can say that they served up a good plate of food. The place was crowded, I envied Susie's wine, and we laughed. and we ate, and we laughed some more, then I ate even more. good times.

shortly afterwards, once back in the hotel, there was a little pj-party humping going on. I'm still waiting for Susie to say it's ok before I hotlink the video... but I know our friend Kelli in Texas would be jealous of the action Susie was providing.

Saturday we woke up WHEN WE WANTED TO.... cause there were NO CHILDREN! and NO DOGS!!!! And NO HUNGRY HUSBANDS!!!! so when we finally moseyed our way out the door, we hit up a place called Lindy's.

I still think our waitress was TOTALLY hitting on Susie, and I could have sworn she licked her lips a little when wiping up Ang's water spillage. But nonetheless.... we had a good old-fashioned grubbin' breakfast, and managed to NOT eat scrapple.

For our final meal together, we ate at Fran O'Brien's, in the Hilton Hotel. we all had steak, and damn... that steak was good. My baked potato was especially wonderful as well... but that's just cause I guilted our fun waiter, Mario into adding cheese and bacon to it. but you had to be there to understand. which unless you're Ang, Susie, or Mario.. you won't. so I'll stop. once again... no scrapple. good times.

Below are some random pics from the weekend... but I hit on the important stuff. it was a good-for-the-soul kind of weekend... where everything just kinda goes right, even when it isn't really.

So thanks to my good friends, and thanks to DC for the memories. we must do this again soon.



Ang--- poor thing kept having to smile for me! she was a good sport about all the pics, though!

Susie... actually pausing from taking her OWN pictures...

See??? I was there, too! not bad for a self-portrait if I do say so myself!

Ang paying homage to the Late Julia Child at the Smithsonean

Susie being the domestic Goddess that she is... ironing her SEX-AY blouse before dinner.

finally--- the three of us. again... thanks for the memories! XXOO


CheekyMoo said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! You can't go wrong with good friends and good food though. And good hair. There was a lot of good hair going on in those pictures, and I for one really appreciate that. Thank you ladies!

gina said...

awesome!! loved all of the pics!! girl weekends are the best. it freaked me out when you said "envying susies wine" but then i remembered LENT> oh ya. dude, i thought you meant something else. did i just call you dude??

greekchickie said...

You are such a doll.... I love your pics.

Did you happen to see Tony Soprano in Jeeeeyzeeeyyy?


Angela said...

I miss you already!!!!!

Thanks for a wonderful time. And not posting any bad pictures of me! ;-) I didn't mind smiling at all.

Love you!

Angela said...

Oh, and just for the record- my water glass had a HOLE in it! It wasn't my fault I had my own version of the Tidal Pool going on at my table!


Jenni said...

makes me miss you guys even more. :-(

great pics and i'm glad you all had a blast! And no hotel issues??? Cleary, Susie made the reservations, right?? ;)

just susie said...

Uh yeah HELLS YEAH I made the reservations. And I told you in the email you can post the hump link. I mean - it's a talent and everyone should take some notes. Everyone needs a good hump from a good friend now and then. This is my message to you.

I heart you even though I look dumpy in that last pic of the 3 of us... I was trying to make my arms look skinny.

And I wish I had cheekbones like Cheekymoo. That is all.

Wethyb said...

You're so cute! I know what you mean about great girlfriends and I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with them all!

Laura said...

Wow..I live about an hour and a half north of DC and you know your way around it better than I do. Ha!

And you're standing in front of the big penis memorial!!! Nooooooo!
I think they should sell bumper stickers or buttons that read, "Get a Hard On in DC!!!".
Good grief.