Sunday, March 05, 2006

Attention Shoppers!

We're having a meltdown in the freezer section!
attention shoppers, we are having a meltdown in the freezer section!


so today Rhena did REALLY well in church. and I should have really reviewed the words of "the Gambler" by Kenny Rogers... but nooooo. I pushed for more. I decided to go FOOD SHOPPING after church.

so aside from the fact that I had heels on, and Rhena was well beyond being ready for a nap..... hello?? SUNDAY???? the food store was MOBBED!!!!

to make matters worse, every aisle has some HUGE ASS DOLLY full of boxes and boxes of food that needed to be shelved.


so mix that all in with Rhena needing a nap, too many people trying to squeeze through a narrow walkways (thank you stock boy with your huge ass dolly!) and aisle after aisle of some IDIOT stopping their cart RIGHT NEXT TO SAID DOLLY SO NO ONE COULD PASS, and more than a handful of old folk getting in WAY TOO CLOSE to rhena cause oh! what a pretty girl she is, and OH! isn't her dress just DARLING? and did I mention that try as I might I couldn't fucking find the OJ with lots of pulp and calcium added???? IN ANY BRAND??????

yes, ladies and gentlemen... we hit a nerve right there in between frozen foods and the OJ display. Rhena decided to try out her hyperventillating whine with a touch of sobbing when ALL I WANTED WAS SOME DAMN ORANGE JUICE. WITH PULP! AND CALCIUM!


oh well. at the moment that I realized I was no longer furtively searching the orange juice, and somehow was now being pissed that none of the lemonades had lots of pulp (or calcium, either!!) I realized it was time for Rhena to get out of the cart, and for me to have a snack.

I also just grabbed a big orange container that even now I have no idea if it's even OJ... I could very well have myself a huge container of tangelo-grapefruit-from-concentrate-and-no-pulp-juice-aide... but at this point I don't care.

boogie is sleeping, I had a snack, and we're not in the food store anymore. phew! happy sunday!

oh! as a side note... apparently there is no race today, so if anyone was hoping I was going to rant on about my dislike for something... it's going to have to wait til next sunday. sorry!

oh... and double PS.... anyways anyways anyways!


greekchickie said...

So if you blog about a "Huge Ass Dolly", can we X off the square that says "blogging about someone else's ass"???

I'm here!

gina said...

BINGO!! now what do i do? hold up my card so you can see? :)

Susie said...

fuckerjobber someone got Bingo? GINA!

Wethyb said...

Oh darnit....Oh well. There's alwys next time.