Saturday, April 01, 2006


yeah.. for all of those that don't know... that post title means:

Happy Birthday Old Man and Rhena's First Haircut

Today... my dear old dad is 61 years old. old. sorry, just wanted to say OLD one more time.

I can't quite say it's been a good sixty one years, as I can really only speak for about 33 of them... but nonetheless... I'm happy he's around. Happy Birthday, Jhonny!

and as some cruel form of April's fool joke on Boogie... we took her to get her haircut today. for the first time. ever.

I mean , I like Flock of Seagulls just as much as the next gal, but there's no need for Rhena to have continued to look like Mike Score, you know? catch her "before" pic below:

so being that she was definitely due for a trim... off we went to the Land of Scare.... we went to Snip-its. The colors seemed to be intriguing enough for Rhena.. but the LOUD MUSIC and OVER FRIENDLY staff even sent a chill up *my* spine. I liken it to the Cartoon Network taking about 25 hits of crack, and inviting everyone inside!!! for a PRIZE! yeah. a little freaky.

And like the little lamb she is... she trusted mommy and daddy as she was hoisted into the chair and wrapped in a green robe. I'd say that she didn't know the slaughter that was about to happen, but clearly my kid is no dope. This look is not of a child thinking everything is peachy keen.

Well, the sad-pouty-are-you-sure-this-is-legal-to-do-to-kids look didn't last long, and was soon replaced by all-out terror. And as much as it breaks my heart to see her cry, it DOES make me feel better knowing she falls in the normal range of kid behavior. Show us the teeth, baby girl... there you go!

eventually, the receptionist came by and started blowing bubbles for Rhena... and she actually stopped crying. The naive-thinking-the-world-revolves-around-my-child mom in me thought that was so sweet of her to do... but the realistic bitch from jersey knew she had to stop Rhena from screaming because she was probably scaring the shit out of the kids waiting to get snipped. In fact.. I'm surprised they don't have sound-proof hair booths for that reason. hmmm... I could be on to something.

Either way... Rhena stopped crying, but still was mindful to keep up the look that says "I still don't trust this evil place". That's good. that time in jersey taught her well. Always keep a bag of skepticism in your bag pocket. like I said.. that's my girl.

Of course... she got her certificate when the torture was over, and some weird 'prize' of some sorts. Apparently you get to put in a card and a toy comes out of some slot.. but her 'prize' was a tiny tube of yellow lipstick, and it came shooting out of the slot like a freaking MISSLE, and went across the entire waiting area. I picked it up, and quickly pondered if they were trying to insinuate Rhena was a chicken shit scaredy cat with that yellow-belly lipstick, but it doesn't matter, cause there's no way in hell I'm letting her play with lipstick till she's 40.

So we paid our fees, and Rhena got a certificate and baggy full of hair. I never realized just HOW red (strawberry blonde) her hair was until it was in the baggie against white paper, but yeah... she's got the kiss of pink.

Happy to be out of the God-Forsaken place... Rhena finally gave us a smile.

Now we're home, and she's passed out. I imagine she's dreaming of how she'll look with really really long hair, or other ways to avoid ever going back there again. Like I said... that's my girl!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and once again.. Happy B-Day, daddy!


greekchickie said...

Oh my gosh... I'm traumatized FOR her! That poor baby girl!

And happy birthday to your pops!


Just susie said...

Is your Dad's birthday today? April 1st? GTFOOH!!! So is my dad's?! Did we ever discuss this??

Gorgeous pixie girl! Isn't that place obnoxious? Liam was scared as shit of the prize machine. It was LOUD.

And happy b-day to the old man! Thanks for being born so you could help make Carrie be born. We don't need to discuss specifics! Have a great day!

Barbara said...

I love the new look!

It's time: Trying to Catch Up: Blog Olympics Training Camp

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to the man!!!!! I love the pics of Rhena! Aaaah..posterity!

CheekyMoo said...

Happy B-day!! Such cute photos. She's such a pretty little girl. So much easier with boys, and quicker. The cut is adorable though. Glad she survived!

gina said...

snip its sounds like it is from the devil, although her haircut is cute as can be. poor traumatized rhena.

happy birthday to your "old man"

ZuphChic said...

Fabulous story-telling...and even BETTER pictures!

*wiping a tear from my eye*

StillWater said...

Wow! Semi permanent make up has alot of uses! But did you know that a woman consumes over 4 to 9 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime! Here is the link that I found that shows all of the research:

Anonymous said...

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