Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pretty Thief

we have a Pretty Thief here in the house. no... not PETTY thief.. I mean pRetty thief.

it would seem as though Rhena has taken to stealing things out of my vanity drawers.

both of my brushes? gone.

toothpaste? no clue.

also notably missing are tweezers, a few things of eyeshadow, and numerous hair clips.

I sort of think it's funny, but I'm also sorta annoyed. I REALLY have no idea where she's hidden everything, so I'm doing without my daily things. In fact... this morning, I was so desperate, and running late for playgroup, that I actually ended up using a bath scrub brush to smooth my hair down somewhat. It was one of those small little hand-held jobbers with the pumice stone on the other side... you know the kind. Yes, I know.. gross... but I only used it once on my feet, so I guess I justified that it wasn't THAT bad.

seriously. who DOES that? well.. now you know. I do.

oh well.

Praying for my friend Angela today. Other friends, too... but mainly for Ang.


Laina said...

LOL, I know exactly what brush you're talking about! I always have a comb stashed in my purse for those times. ;)

just susie said...

Uh dude. You have a DAUGHTER. Prepare to be missing jewelry, expensive perfume and clothes and shoes. Oh then there's the car and money, but hopefully she'll ask first. ;)

And hopefully Troy didn't use the foot brush on his feet.


BTW What is that hair smoothing stuff you use? I may have theft a little myself in DC, do share. Me likie!

Jenni said...

funny, Carrie! One day 10 years from now, you'll stumble across your tweezers in the bottom of the fridge or something. ha!

miss you chickie!!

Elvis said...

It has begun.
We had to wake up the kids one night because we were so flummuxed as to where they hid the damn remote.
'Laney, through sleepy eyes told us as if were blind and deaf that is was in some toy in a basket under something else.

Good luck, because she's on this game early.

CheekyMoo said...

I'd advise child locks, but I never tried that crap. I always figured the kids would be able to get to my things even quicker that way, and I wouldn't. Just wait until she starts trying to put the make up on her face. I can't wait to see those photos.

Angela said...

Thank you for the prayers!

Anonymous said...

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