Friday, April 07, 2006

Almost There

you ever have one of those moments (days, weeks, MONTHS???) when you feel like you're just *almost* there... but not.

yeah.. this has been one of those weeks.... I feel like I'm ALMOST where I'm supposed to be, in just about every aspect of life, but I'm just... not.

oh well.

I e-mailed my girlfriend and told her I feel like I've been running around at about 60% these past few days. It could be this dumb ass cold (pollen reaction? who knows) I've had, the fact I haven't really been sleeping very well, or... something.

I feel that perhaps change is afoot, ladies and gents. you know how dogs get weirded out before a big storm? yeah. well, I guess this old dog is feeling a little weird.

Maybe I haven't bitched about Mariah Carey enough... so my universe is slowly shifting into some weird vortex of 'off'. It';s not for the lack of FUNNY pictures of mimi, either... Mary and Cheeky were so kind as to refer me to some oh-so-tempting-trash-talking-begging-to-happen pictures of your and my favorite pop diva.

but again... I'm just... eh.


but for what it's worth.. everything is going fine and dandy and all that super great shit we pride ourselves on here in the land of Psuedo-Stepford. I even volunteered to donate some cakes to a cake walk. could you just puke???


oh well. I'll report in again after the in-laws get here and I'm needing a pit-stop from all the nascar talk.


Elvis said...

Did you say NASCAR?

greekchickie said...

Lord help you, woman. Get thru NASCAR hell.


gina said...

ok, are you pg??

Carrie said...

Gina--- are you TRYING to give me a heart attack??? sheesh!

Derek.. SO damn true, brother... SO TRUE.

more on the 'changes' later. no it's not menopause or anything hormonal.. Troy's been interviewing with a new place. again... more to come when we know more.

just susie said...

Uh yeah get more sleep. You are starting to freak me out.

Anonymous said...

Porq said...

Troy better not leave until I collect money from Ryan for the CHIP Foundation!! I'll shake him down next week personally!!

Oh wait, never mind.. I KNOW WHERE HE LIVES.. " Tonight, while you sleep, PAL!!" - Wayne Arnold


Hänni said...

Perhaps you're missing the 'Smack? I know I am.

ZuphChic said...

I'll be thinking about you as I sit and enjoy my NASCAR-free house this weekend! ;)