Thursday, April 06, 2006

Winners, Losers, and some good drunk fun

hey gang....

so it would appear that Elvis actually rose from the grave to claim a cze-bingo. I'd say that maybe just maybe this might get him to blog again, but I doubt that. oh well. he still wins.

see it here for yourself.... BIG X... right there atcha.

As far as losers.... I'm talking to the American Idol voters who let Mandisa leave last night. I mean... I'm not talking TOO much, cause you know MY cheap ass didn't vote... but I was sad to see her go. She's a beautiful girl with a great voice. I wish her well. If I ever get into Gospel music, I'll totally buy one of her CDs. but actually, no... I would listen to her sing some other stuff, too. but not now. cause I'm too cheap to buy a CD.

now... I KNOW I caught your attention with the 'good drunk fun' part of the title.
y'all know I love me some Hänni-pants. She and those crazy kids at the Haus are having an American Idol Finale Party, and YOU (well, ME, but now YOU, cause I'm telling you about it!) get to vote for which drink Hänni will consume in mass quantities at the AI Finale Party!!! FUN!!!!

Each week the Drink with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated, until one drink is left, and no one is left standing. Genious, these people are, I swear! There's even a nifty little button you can get... though personally, I'm holding out for the t-shirt.

Get Hänni Wasted
Anyways... this kinda gives me joy being that I'm still doing the lent thing. I sure as heck didn't give up getting OTHER people to drink for Lent!!! SO go vote.
ok.. the sidebar needs updating, but my laundry needs attention, too. clothes win out; look for sidebar changes later.


Hänni said...

You pimped my cocktail countdown!

Have I told you lately that I love you?

And hello cze friends - waves -. I'm looking forward to getting retarded on your behalf!

Peggy said...

okay I am leaving a comment here to help my friend Mary out so how bout letting her win at least one game of bingo....PLEASE!!!! I hate to see a grown woman cry!

Wethyb said...

I was glad to see Mandisa go. She sucked the other night!!!!

Yah I just totally gave up on Bingo. Oh well :) I just enjoy reading you so that's okay :)

greekchickie said...

Yay Elvis!


CheekyMoo said...

I was surprised Mandisa was gone. Weird stuff on this years AI! Between that, Paula and the hair thing she's got goin' on I'm just not sure what to make of it all. I even saw Constantine on there, which really upset me. Pick Pickler is making me feel pukey. I may have to vote in this whole drinking thing! Have a great day. :-)

Liza said...

congrats to elvis =]

carrie my lovely, thanks so much for the comments on my blog during my icky weeks. i really appreciate it and i'm really glad to have you as a blog friend!!



Liza said...

ps i love the easter look!!!