Tuesday, April 04, 2006

You're so vain!!!

wow... talk about the power of the written word!!!

since yesterday morning, I have received THREE... count 'em... THREE e-mails inquiring if my little blurb about drama in yesterday's post was about them. The funniest shit is that none of the people who wrote to me had anything to do with my comment! WTF is THAT about???

The first e-mail made me laugh.... and I was all ready to write a response back putting their pretty head to rest, but I kept reading e-mails.. figuring I would do my responding later. The second one made me raise an eyebrow, and now, just after reading the third, I'm torn between shaking my head and laughing out loud.

I don't know if there was a full moon, or I tend to run with a guilty-feeling crowd, or maybe I just tend to be in and around a lot of drama... but this was an unprecedented, unsolicited response from an off-hand comment.

And because this is my blog and I'm allowed to say whatever the hell I want.... I'm going to leave yesterday at yesterday, but still take the opportunity to poke fun at the people who e-mailed me. I do also have to say that all of this makes me call to mind that famous saying "if the shoe fits..." but we won't go there. at least not today.

I mean... seriously!!!!! You'd think I'd at least get a little more sympathy about NASCAR or something??? guess not... so cue the Carly Simon!

oh well. there's more to blog about, like cze-bingo, and a new winner, but Troy wants the laptop. it's weird. he's actually home! so that's it for now... more on cze-bingo later.


greekchickie said...

LOL ~ you talk, we listen... and, because we're women, we internalize everything.... I just KNEW you weren't talking about ME!



Oh yeah.. LOL. I'm just being a smart ass now.


Angela said...

Now I have that damn song in my head!

Hope the drama had calmed down.

Enjoy that hubby of yours!

Laina said...

No sympathy from me. I LOVE NASCAR!!! I'm not a hillbilly princess for nothing, you know.

Hänni said...

OMG, that comment wasn't about them? It TOTALLY must've been about me.

I'm sorry for saying stupid shit that makes you want to self destruct. I should've never mentioned I thought of watching Glitter.

just susie said...



CheekyMoo said...

Hey, I just wrote to say I suck for not playing bingo, and send you mariah photos. Other than that, I got enough of my own drama. You keep yours, I'll keep mine! K? ;-) Or we could donate it all to Paula and get a drink. I vote drink. Make mine a double!