Monday, April 03, 2006

Is this thing on???

so I'm convinced that cze-bingo is/was a flop.

I'll still keep the sidebar updated til the end of this month, but I have a feeling everyone just kinda gave up. Perhaps my fault; this took longer than I thought it would to get a winner, and then there was the week of practically no posting. oh well.

Marianna will get a prize for sure. Poor thing is going to need SOMETHING; she's eiher currently IN or coming up on her Greek Orthodox Lent. I know I used to get crazy with giving things up, but those Greeks don't fuck around. They make Gandhi look like a glutton!

and speeeeeeaking of glutton... do you ever find yourself going where you totally shouldn't? either cause it's mentally going to throw you for a loop, physically, or emotionally? I'm not going to get into my latest round of self-punishment, but I was *this* close to self-distructing the other day. Fortunately, I kept myself in check enough to only get emotionally bent, but it was a close call. I just hate when people say stupid shit, and I find it hard to sit back and let them continually get away with it. BUT... I had nothing to do with the original conversation, so I actually stayed out of the ensuing drama. I offered my thoughts to the pretty who vented to me, and that definitely got me fired up.... but I resisted the urge to get involved. go me.

but one thing I will NOT be able to not involve myself with this week will be my dear old foe, NASCAR. Troy's folks are coming for a visit, and if y'all remember from last year... that means NASCAR. every damn day.

Nascar in the morning.

Nascar in the evening.

Nascar in the house.

Nascar in the car.

On the clothes.

On the cooler.

On the beer can coolers. (shit... I can't ease the pain by drinking this time around!)

and most definitely.... on my TV.

*sigh* I know I should just suck it up and quit bitching, but I just don't like NASCAR.

ok. I imagine I'll vent a few more times regarding the cars-de-nas before the visit is over, but I know if I'm bitching here, then I'm being a good daughter-in-law in real life. And honestly... all the motor-bore aside... it'll be good to have them visit. My inlaws are good people, and plain and simple, I love when we have family visit. Whether it's my family, Troy's family, or good friends... I really enjoy having people here in our world.

So off you go.... enjoy your day! I personally have a date for breakfast with boogie-pants.


Anonymous said...

dude I have been playing faithfully!

I lack two squares for the big box

two for the big X
4! for the inner sanctum

and 3 for the big cross!

heck, 6 and I will have the entire card filled!

so post a reply to this comment and slip in a dream reference and we are all set!

Porq said...

Hey.. novaks8 is right...

You're letting the ship sink by NOT commenting in your comments, by NOT telling us about your dreams, failing to call Mariah a FATASS, how about stupid movies you DON'T watch, or just plain ol' stupid rednecks that normally piss you off?????

How can somebody get a winning hand if you don't deal the cards???

and they say polacks are stupid...look at the mutts!!!

oh yeah... I still love you!!


Laina said...

I'm with your Pops--are you sure you didn't give us the same card? Let's hear about some rednecks!

Elvis said...

The rednecks won't do it alone for me.
If you mention the dream thing - I'm gold with the big X.
The movie, Carey fatness, and comments (both 20 uniques and Carrie) are bonus material. Just like everybody else.

What - ev -errrr

just susie said...

BAM! Inner sactum BAYBEEEEE! Card #6.... word!

Does this mean I'm a winnah!

greekchickie said...


Oh... damn... that's right, I already got it... hehe

I'm not doing Greek Easter this year. Finals have my head a-swimming & I need food, swearing, and every other personal glutton for myself.


Wethyb said...

I don't mind Nascar, but I'm def not a fanatic!

Sorry I've been a bad bingo player. I just gave up because I wasn't able to read every day :( Hey, I warned myself when I started :)

Happy Monday :)

CheekyMoo said...

I so should've played bingo! I can call Mariah a fat ass until the cows come home. Damnit! I miss out on it all. I'm playing round 2 suckas!!

Susie said...

Uh - is this thing on??

BINGO, damnit! I posted my card # yesterday.

Bingo bingo bingo!

Ok I'm done now.

The Life of Bill said...

Can I get some bonus points for not having anything even close to winning???? I think being this bad at it should deserve some kinda recoginition!

Christi said...

That may be an occasion for all the tv's in the house to just suddenly stop working! Perhaps you can ask the cable people if they could cut it off while they're there, and then you'll only be able to rent movies. Perhaps to be nice, you could even offer to rent Days of Thunder. Good for them, and a little drama for you!