Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The best part of waking up

ok.... so I have to tell you... last night really SUCKED for me sleep-wise.

Rhena had a very off-day yesterday... between not enjoying her swim class (I know.. tell me about it... I actually checked her label to make sure she was really her) NOT NAPPING



to a very fitful night... she was just oh-eff-eff OFF. SO all night, she was randomly letting out whimpers and cries. errrg.

so I have the turets-like-crying going on over the monitor to my left, and damnit to hell, troy was snoring like a motherfucker last night to my right.

in between these musical interludes of WAHHHH! -kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssss.... kkkkkkkkuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhh (you get the idea) I had the craziest dream.

First of all, I was in some brokeback mountain setting where I was an insurance salesman. but the insurance was only a sell when you reeled out the cord from your ear piece to the ipod and were able to pull it back in without the ear piece falling out. hmmm, and I got extra money if I could get them to fit into a size 12 pair of courderoys. I dunno... it was a war time, and Tony Soprano's wife was taking over.. or at least being more in charge of family affairs, so all I knew was I had to get them to put on the courderoys.

so yeah.. wake up again to hear rhena cry out, and troy cutting down logs. nudge troy, tell him to shhhh and stop snoring, and realize rhena's really ok, and is already back to sleep. dozed off in the middle of nudging troy trying to get him to stop snoring again.

Back in la la land... I'm in a parking garage, on my way out so I can order some manicotti, cause it was a long night at the club. Well, as I walk to my harley, I notice that the guy parked behind me is shoveling up a dead body into his car. He doesn't realize that the body is scooping is going to be used int he manicotti filling per Tony's orders, nor does he apparently know that I know what's up, cause next thing I know, I'm busting ass to get out of the garage before he can follow me.

SO this long chase ensues, and I end up back in my parent's garage, and I don't get the garage door shut before the guy comes barreling into the driveway. somehow I make it into the house, which has now apprently become a meat packing plant to support the italian sauce industry. But I guess the guy is mad and confused because the dead body should be mixed in with the sauce and not with the white creamy ricotta filling.

I guess at this point, he's either a different guy, or he's not trying to kill me anymore, cause I end up explaining to him that HIS dead body was mushy, so it had to go in the manicotti (I know it's the ricotta, but in my dream we were calling it the manicotti) and anyways, if it went into the meat sauce that would just be gross.


At this point, I wake up and it's about 5am, and rhena's really crying. I went and got her, sushed her down and brought her back into our bed. she slept that last hour with us, quietly, in my arms like a newborn.

It's amazing how one hour with your child can give you all the rest or energy you need for a whole day. In that last hour, I probably didn't sleep, but I was in a lullaby of her warmth and short breaths nonetheless.

and when I opened my eyes to see her so at peace.. so content, so innocent....

well.. THAT was the best part of waking up.


Elvis said...

Kid - I think I have the big X.

Card #4.


Porq said...

I still have SQUAT on my bingo card


Did you take anything from my garage???


The Life of Bill said...

Must be the week for bad sleep-Heather's rapid fire illnesses have been causing me to do the late night tango 'tween our bedrooms-I guess I'm one up on you, no manicotti mobsters in my dreams....matter of fact, can't think of any dreams at all, probably better that way!!!!!

greekchickie said...

Good grief woman! What did you eat last nite?!

I had a very perverted dream... that will be left unsaid... UGH! But I feel like I need to wash my brain out with soap.


Anonymous said...

Okay if Elvis has the big X then my chances SUCK now.

I only have FIVE boxes left on my card!

I never win anything.

Oh yeah I won a bike when I was like 13 and it got stolen a few months later.

Tee said...

I like the Easter theme :)

I think you deserve a nap! I don't miss nights like that. I still get that a couple times a year when one or both of the boys are sick.

Better luck tonight!

Carrie said...

wow. Derek really can win in life!

Daddy-- I find it funny that you're more concerned about whether I took anything from the garage vs the idea that your entire house was turned into a sauce-making plant.

oh well. I mean.. pierdogs, I can see... italian sauce?? getouttahere...

Bill--- see what happens when you give up drinking??? that mind shit... gets you every time!

Marianna... don't be talking about shit you can't follow through with! spill it!

Mary-- I think you're a winner... I really do. Not a Cze-bingo winner... but you know... in that special kinda small life victory way. ;) sorry... hope that didn't make things worse!

Tee... nice to see you, momma! I was thinking of you last night during lost! Thanks for the template compliments... it's a tad bit bright, but something has to make up for my crab-ass attitude lately! ;)

Susie said...

Wow she's giving it all away... a blog about a dream she had and commenting in her own comments section.

Sorry baby girl is having a rough time - is she cutting a new tooth or molar?

Take a nap for God's sake. Reading this made ME tired.

Jenni said...

Carrie dear....what a night you had! and I was going to ask the same thing--what in the hell did you eat before you went to bed?? :-) Italian food???

Wednesday night was like that for me...after working 3 12 hr days, he decides to cry hysterically like 3 times in the night....I was a walking zombie yesterday.

He rewarded me last night though....didn't make a peep all night. Of course, that could've been the fact I downed some Nyquil before bed and didn't hear him! LOL!!!

peace out chickie!!

Anonymous said...

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