Sunday, April 09, 2006

And the wheels go round

Day three of Racing here in the Johnson house... yippie.


Well, other than the constant spew of nascar and sportscenter coming from my TV, the visit with Troy's folks is going great. I mean... I'm CRAVING to just shut the damn TV off for a little while, or put on a cooking show.... but when you put things in perspective... some annoying noise coming from the living room is far better than not enjoying your company.

And like I said, the visit is going very well. Rhena is in full happy-mode because her Grandma brought her clothes, and because her Grandpa is, well... her Grandpa. She's still a little clingy to me and Troy, but has definitely warmed up and hasn't help back on the grandparent lovin's.

Today was nice, too... Troy's folks watched Rhena so he and I could go to church by ourselves. Now, I'm a little torn on this, because I feel that since Rhena has been baptized, she should attend church, REGARDLESS of what she's actually getting out of it at this point... but I have to admit that this week was the first week in quite a while that Troy and I were actually able to fully get something out of mass, cause we weren't shushing boogie, or feeding her some trifecta of snacks.

Today was a long one, too... Palm Sunday. the Gospel is always hella long on Palm Sunday, and church was beyond the normal packed. it was like packed on crack. Oh well.. what's done is done, and Troy and I had some good quality couple time, and his folks got one-on-one time with the Boog.

This afternoon, Troy and I are going to take Rhena over to our neighborhood spring-Easter festival for a little egg-hunt action. I think the race will just be starting at that point, so not sure if the grandfolks are going to go, too.... but you know *I'm* not staying home to watch more cars.

alrighty. time for me to go downstairs and get some face time in. I just layed rhena down, but I have to visit. and I'm sure there's a pre race to watch or something. gah.

peace out..


Porq said...

Whadda ya wanna hear?



Happy Day to all the A&P Catholics out there!!

( the guys that only show up for Ashes and Palms!!)


Oh yeah.. we're next on the agenda so get your stuffs ready!!

greekchickie said...

HA Porq!

I hope you survive NASCAR. Lord have mercy on your soul.


Sara said...

C'mon you know you have a Dale Jr flag in your front yard. lol.... Glad you are having fun with the fam and got to enjoy church as a couple today.

CheekyMoo said...

I don't think I'd much care for Nascar days. I do recall Easter Egg hunts of the past though. Kaitlyn was always concerned about the kids who didn't find enough of their own eggs. Max? Not so much. I hope Rhena has fun!

john boy said...

Bwaahahhaa! Good catch :)

Damn, it is BRIGHT in here! Wait, let me put on the shades. Oh, okay, it's an Easter/Spring theme. How cute :P

I just posted my Easter photo today.

Missed you :)