Saturday, March 01, 2008

Inspiration Nation

lately I've been finding inspiration from pretty much everywhere I turn.

which is good and bad, you see.

GOOD... cause seriously... I like knowing that my life is full of situations and people that I want to emulate. I have most recently been inspired to read new books, cook new foods, travel to new places, listen to different music, redecorate the house (mind you I'm saying inspired to do so.. not necessarily at the point of DOING so for all of these things).

this is BAD, however, cause for one.. how in hell am I going to find the time to DO all of these wonderful things to enrich my life? and two.. it makes me question WHY I'm so eager to try the changes.

maybe it's a throwback to my engineering days. six sigma. Kaizen. lean manufacturing. process improvement. cause I certainly don't think I have many things that are BROKEN.... just looking for a better way of doing things, maybe?

and March is Women's History Month. during a time that we should be recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women past and present... I feel like I should be working on some achievements of my own. don't know what those should exactly BE yet... but the good news is that there's no shortage of examples around me.


today's inspiration? Skirt! Magazine. it reminds me that no matter how we spend our days or 'earn our keep', we're all women who should be celebrated.


Christi said...

I feel that way a lot of times, too, but I just don't have the time to even get the non-inspiring things in my life done to get to the inspired things!

Anonymous said...

Love the Irish Fever! I get inspired a lot too and if I don't act on it in the immediate future then it often falls by the wayside. I've been working on taking advance of inspiration this year. Thus the new site, new adventures, new attitude. I think staying at home means inspiration is crucial.

Hanni said...

tag time.