Saturday, March 29, 2008

Return to Neverland

Take me back to the Garden, child.. for once again life is too busy.

Remind me how to slow down, little one... and let someone else take the lead.

Teach me to be kind to strangers, sweet girl... for among the flowers we all are friends.

Let's sit down for just a moment, my boy... and take notice of the small things.

Allow me to look through your eyes, baby girl... so I can see only goodness.

Just one last picture, honey... so I can remember today forever.


Porq said...

Going into competition with Laura??

Nice shots!!


Laura said...

Hehehe..the kids are gorgeous!! It's amazing to me how much I can see both you and the hubby in both of your kids. They're getting so big!!!

Time for another...MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Christi said...

They get more beautiful by the day!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! My turn to miss you guys SO MUCH!

Tara said...

Thanks to helping me remember to enjoy the small joys all around us .. if we give ourselves the time to look for them :)