Sunday, March 02, 2008


first of all, fear not. I won't be tagging anyone else. for one... most of you have already done this. Out of respect for the de-silencing of Hännikins, though.... I will play along.

5 Things You Never Knew About Me (And Probably Never Cared To)

1- I think adults eating organic food is silly. especially more so when I know that they have done/still do drugs or drink alcohol. kinda defeats the purpose, no? again. silliness.

2- I can burp like a man. pretty hot, huh? it's true, though. I've had this skill since I was a teenager. ask how much my mom LOVED that.

3- I ADORE* the taste of chocolate with salty things. pretzels, potato chips, french fries. yes. bacon. yes. salt it up, cover it in chocolate, and you have my attention. (* TOTALLY for you, Sus.)

4- I have DEEP fears of overly-naturistic places. the woods give me the heeby-jeebies, and I can not even begin to express the fear that overcomes me on country roads with no street lights, or worse... roads surrounded by cornfields. (note I speak of my experience of being on ROADS that go through these places. should I feel the need to shit my pants or have a slight heart-attack, then I will actually get out of my car and go IN to said cornfield, woods, or other 'natural' environment. til then, however.... I'll be in my car. driving the hell out of nature and back to a highway.

5 - ditto on the ocean. I fear the ocean. and lakes. don't like them, either. The very thought of fish (or other swimming creatures or water plants.. ACK!!!) touching my legs and/or me not being able to see the bottom of whatever body of water I am swimming in brings about a tightness in my chest that HAS to be similar to being tied up with rope and having a gun pointed at my face.

and added bonus!! (ok, cause I think 4 & 5 are very similar to each other, so I'm throwing in one more)

6 - I cry every time I hear "Amazing Grace" sung remotely well. seriously.. as long as it's SOMEWHAT in tune... I cry. without fail. I'm getting much better about keeping from erupting into a full-on cry... but my face gets all twisted, my eyes water and nose gets runny. again.. pretty hot, huh? I'm such a catch.

there. now be gone with you.


today's inspiration? my Ultra Dance 2008 cd. reminds me that I DON'T have to like 80s music now that I'm a mom. and listening to the beats gets me excited about training for the walk this year. shake it!



Liza said...

eww chocolate and potato chips? ewww. I do love chocolate and pretzels though!

Anonymous said...

don't forget chocolate and popcorn!

Damn I;d eat a chocolate covered bug about now.

How I adore my chocolate. I want to keep it in my pocket and take it out and look at it all day long.

Hanni said...

how about chocolate and sour? I LOVE lemon sorbet with hot fudge.

i love organic food. i also love that you belch like a man. i am an adult that behaves like a child. would that make organics ok for me?

btw good call on ending the tag!

Marianna said...

I cry when I hear Amazing Grace played by bagpipes...

One of my old doctors used to bring me chocolate covered potato chips when he'd go home to North Dakota every year. They are DELISH!


Christie said...

If you're ever in the Portland, Oregon area, I've got the chocolate store for you. They serve drinking chocolate - basically just delicious melted chocolate - and have a HUGE supply of chocolate to munch on. My favorite are the sea salt caramels. Mmmmm.

Christie said...

It occurs to me that I didn't actually <name> the chocolate shop, which is the info you really need if you're in the mood for drinkable chocolate. (Who isn't, eh?)

It's Cacao. Also known as the most magical place of melted goodness.

Angela said...

I get all teary when I hear the national anthem.

Especially when there is a fly over.

Laura said...

You are so funny.

And strange. I love it!