Saturday, March 15, 2008

First - the cookies

so I still am going to blog about rhena and the make-up and my utter sinking disapproval for what will most likely be inevitable.

but for now...

I'm proud to say that I made a little dent in the St Patty's day cookies.

I still have the detail work to do for the decorating, but as you can see below... the bases are at least complete. Maybe tonight when the kids are asleep, or tomorrow when troy is (surprise!) at work.

I also began work on the Easter cookies... but since I really only made white, green and orange icing.. I'll get to the Easter ones another day.

In other news.. not sure if y'all have visited my profile lately... if you have.. you'll notice I have a new blog in the works. and when I say work.. I mean just that. right now it's very bare bones, but I've decided to start keeping a record of my baking projects. call it a secret haven to the foodie in me.

I can't promise there will be weekly updates over there in Crumbles... as it is, this batch of cookies is turning into a 3+ day project, what with trying to keep the kids happy and the house from burning during a large chunk of my waking hours. However.. I do participate as a volunteer baker for my church's monthly bake sale... so even during this slow part of the year with no birthdays, you can be assured I'll turn the oven on once a month.

once I get these cookies completed, I will do my official post in the other blog.. and then should have another shortly thereafter with the Easter ones.

so yeah. cookies? (almost) check!

Tomorrow, I shall discuss the disgust I have with "tradition" as it was described to me.


Suser said...

They look so GOOD! YUM!

Marianna said...

Oh how fun! You crafty chick, you!