Friday, March 14, 2008

Coming soon!

ok. I have many scattered thoughts today.. some of which include (in no particular order)

a new food network challenge (I would CRUSH collette peters, btw)

rhena being REQUIRED to wear make-up (which deserves it's own post because I am just beyond words about this right now and troy is telling me to chill about it before getting worked up, but uh.. too late.)

the 3 dozen cookies begging to be decorated

how very disgusting the fish sandwich is at burger king, but pleased that they offer veggie burgers and applesauce

me getting sucked in deeper and deeper to facebook and twitter and I STILL haven't written that letter to my girlfriend

and well...

ok.. maybe that's it.. but the cookies and rhena in makeup are big.

but makeup isn't until may, and these damn shamrocks are about as white as my ass right NOW... which does me no good for St Patrick's day on MONDAY.

so cookies go first.

perhaps more later, if I'm not in a hard cocoon of royal icing.


Laura said...

And not just any hard cocoon of royal icing. A shamrock GREEN effing hard cocoon of royal icing, baby!

And don't worry about having pale shamrock cookies-all Irish people are pasty white!!

I'm wondering about the make-up for Rhena...I would be equally disturbed.

Marianna said...

mmmm cooookies....


Christi said...

Ick! I get worn out making six cookies at once!

Anonymous said...

mmmm icing! And make up? on a 3 yr old? Who already has a blush in her cheeks and purty pink lips? pshaw! I sense dance recital drama.

Only make up issues here are Liam still asking me for Chapstick every so often. (Answer - still no)