Thursday, March 27, 2008

I need a head check


WHY why why why why whyyyyyyyyyy do I bother buying shit at old navy?

just bought these.. and I was like.. cute color, decent look, longer leg.. cheap price... yeah, ok.

uh... DIDN'T notice the 'twisted seam' business until I was home. which is 20 miles away from the store.

does anyone know what twisting a seam to the front of a leg looks like on a girl with an ass????

it looks bad. like I bought a defective pair of shorts bad. like.. your-momma-can't-sew-and-your-thighs-are-thick bad.

bleh. I just really need to get it into my head that I'm 35 years old, and I need to stop trying to buy clothes there for myself. cause driving 20 miles (one way!) to only spend $15 on a pair of shorts that I invariably don't have the opportunity to try on while IN the store, then will have to drive ANOTHER 40 mile round trip to get RID of ill-fitting shorts, or worse, get suckered into picking out ANOTHER pair of something that will not fit just ends up costing me 3x as much in gas as the price of the shorts in the first place.


I need to shop elsewhere. seriously. cause stores like old navy and forever 21 may have cheap prices.. but again... it JUST doesn't cut the mustard. I need a store that's called "forever feeling younger than the age you really are but aware that you're a mom so you don't want to look inappropriate, either". Of course, it would help if Ann Taylor lowered their prices just a tad, too.


Christi said...

If it makes you feel any better, at least you can wear clothes from Forever 21. They don't have them in my size. Not that I would probably go looking there for clothes, anyway. I do like Old Navy, though.

Laura said...

Hmm...I like Eddie Bauer. Bo-ring..I know.
And btw, I'm seriously looking into where I can buy you a pair of those elbow length, fingerless gloves your favorite judge was wearing on AI on Tuesday.

I took one look at those and thought, "Carrie at the Fever!!"...'cause you luff her and everythang.

kelli said...

I KNOW! I could have written this myself. I usually shop at Target because of the recent force of a budget and all....BOO...but my mom took me shopping when I visited her last week and bought me some REAL CLOTHES and I was amazed at how much better they fit. If only I could afford to be fashionable. Maybe someday...

Hanni said...

My entire wardrobe used to consist almost entirely of Old Navy, but then some homewrecking whore criticized my appearance, so i started buying things she couldn't afford. And babe it really stepped up my look! Do you have Ross, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls near you? I now have a closet full of BCBJ, Michael Kors, Anne Klein, Calvin Klein, Chip and Pepper, etc (read: even fancier than Ann Taylor!) And I got them all CHEAP. Girl please tell me you live near a Ross.

Carrie said...

Christi - I love ON for the kids. and tank tops. lord I love me some tank tops. but it never fails. I get lured in by the cheap prices, and while things may look CUTE on the hangar.. it morphs into some kind of fugaful on my ass.

Laura - I walked by an eddie bauer today, and stopped for a second, but realized I probably WOULDN'T find fingerless black latex gloves there, so I kept walking.

Kelli-- Target is another place that's screwing with my head lately, too. I can get my workout clothes and some fun pj pants there, but everything else? how can I explain it.... oh, I know.. ever try to wrap a really weird shaped christmas present? yeah... it's like THAT. but with less ribbons.

H-Mac - first of all.. WHOA. you actually have SPOKEN TO HER? I need more details. or not. just whoa. threw me for a second. but yeah.. we have ross and marshall's and the such, but you KNOW it's work finding something GOOD in those stores. like those lame yoplait 'good' commercials good. and while the reward is all fashizzle and other descriptions from 5 years ago... the effort multiplies by like... a KAGILLION when you have the boogie and the moo in tow. but hey.. I'm up for the challenge. I'll give it a try next week.

Hanni said...

Yes I have spoken to The Other One (beyotch!) She told me I was shit b/c I had a fake designer bag (turns out she had one as well but whatever.)Knowing girlfriend couldn't pay her rent (all her $$$ goes to Michelob), i went out and got designer DKNY specs, a $200 hair cut and some totally outrageous Italian-made Alexander McQueen jeans. B/c she can't. But I can.

High maintenance ho in da house! woo woo.

But really, why I wanted to comment is, i just realized I put "BCBJ" in comments and not"BCBG." BJ! Dah. Guess we know what's on my mind, what with all my john mayer fantasies lately ;)

Wethyb said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. Love Old Navy but I'm feeling old for that store now. My girlfriend introduced me to Ann Taylor Loft last weekend. Love LOVE it!!! Got a pair of jeans from there that are to die for, but I'm definately not shopping at Old Navy prices there.

Erin said...

I hear you. I went to H&M yesterday and was like...oh wow. This place is so cheap and then I tried on a pair of jeans and couldn't get them past my knees. And then I tried on some shirts and the proportions were all screwed up. So I went to Banana Republic and got a proper pair of jeans that I could get up over my thighs. I've kind of given up on places like Old Navy. I can't stand to shop there because it's always such a mess. It freaks out my inner OCD.

Christie said...

I would totally shop at <forever feeling younger than the age you really are but aware that you're a mom so you don't want to look inappropriate, either>!

I hit the Ann Taylor sales rack but have also invested in a few pairs of their great ladies trousers. (Well worth the addtl monies.) I have a soft spot for them because after losing a bunch of weight I went in there to check out some cute sweaters they had displayed and the saleswoman came over and said (after checking the size of the item I was holding - a large) "Oh no, dear, you need a medium."

To that saleswoman: I love you and will forever shop at your store and tell people how fabulous you are. :)