Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Divine Comedy

aaah. you know, with Rhena in my life, there never seems to be a shortage of things to talk about. or at the very least for me to share what SHE talks about.

so, I was helping miss boogey-pants get ready for school this morning. When I finished up with her hair, she stood up, spun around, and announced "Oh, I look DIVINE."

It's tough being so awesome!

yeah. I'd definitely say she has a HIGH sense of self-love.


today's inspiration? Margaret Brent, the first woman in the North American colonies to demand the right to vote. She and pioneers like her fought for women like me to have a voice. EVEN if it means bringing my children with me to the voting booth. hassle as it may be... there's never a wrong time to teach others (OR YOURSELF) that a voice matters.


Choppzs said...

Sounds like she watches to much Charlie and Lola! lol

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet THANG, she is! I can picture the arms and hands as well.

Jodes said...

oh my word, she IS divine! i love it! i love her! and i honestly love taking the kids to vote wih me. really, i do! i had dov pull the lever for me this time and he was in heaven! then he opened the curtain and shouted to all the old biddies 'i voted!' too cute. nevermind that he spent the rest of the day telling people that 'voting is an important civic duty' what can i say? we are nerds for the democratic process!

Marianna said...

She is a Diva!

Kisses & hugs!

Christie said...

She calls it like she sees it. Great picture and shirt. Man, girl clothes are SO much better. :)

Christi said...

Too cool! I told Taryn she was gorgeous the other day, and she said, "No, I not gor-juice, I Taryn." Well, I suppose that's better!