Monday, March 17, 2008

Erin go BLAH

sorry gang. today has just been one of those days. not necessarily a BAD day.. just frigging BUSY. ok, and maybe not that great, either.

Troy thankfully DID come home to watch the kids for CCD, but I had promised that Rhena could come with me tonight. I came home to troy on the computer, ass-deep in tax stuff, and Danny upstairs crying. (did I mention he is cutting NO LESS than 6 teeth maybe 8 right now? all four molars and the canine teeth are coming in)

which means it's all on me to soothe danny (done) do rhena's bedtime, and when I'm done with that (she's making peeps right now so I have a minute or 5 to be bitching here) I have to pack up the easter goodies for her class tomorrow, OH, and clean my car cause one of the dishes I made for my teaching partner (her husband is out of town for over a month now... trying to cut her a break when possible).. yeah.. the dish?? leaked a thin cheese sauce ALL OVER. gah.

oh, but that's ok, cause now rhena's calling for me and troy's pissed because HE told me one thing AND SWEARS he said something completely different.

I'm gonna take my green off and pray that someone pinches me. Maybe it'll wake my ass up from this nightmare of an evening I seem to be having..


partner in crime said...

And this...this is why you are my superhero.
May you go to bed knowing you are loved and appreciated beyond all get out, and may you wake up to a day full of joyful promise.

Laura said...

Ooh..I like partner in crime's comment. But I would like to add (for me, of course and not YOU, girly girl...),
"And may you wake up with your ass a full jeans size smaller!"

Ah is complete!

Hope today is better, and if it's not, there's always tomorrow. :)

Choppzs said...

It's always something isn't it?? lol