Monday, March 31, 2008

This Way and That Way

Monday again. bleh.

Today's weather matches my mood.. grey, cold and cloudy, but not necessarily DOING anything.

Busy week ahead for us here at the Fever... yet I'm feeling a bit lazy and not wanting to do anything. BUT, because I know my class won't teach itself, the guest bedroom still must be un-earthed, the applications for the homeowners' association for our deck project are still blank, laundry is mounded in a pile larger than the kids put together, and you know.. that whole feeding, cleaning, and tending to children thing. well.. I KNOW I have to bear down and 'get er done'. (I love the south. only here can EVERY phrase sound like some dirty old man leering at a farm animal or school girl.)

I'm craving baked goods... but alas, since I have begun to eat meat and sugary things again, I noticed my scale creeping upward. so tomorrow....(and thursday and saturday) has been designated my morning at the gym.

on ONE hand, I'm happy. I need to get out of this funk I have going on, and an hour to myself a few days a week away from the kids will certainly help. I also have a new toy arriving... Troy got me a Zune thingy. (He's a microsoft alumni, so he gets discounts on their stuff) so that should help a little. if I'm going to take the plunge and do the dreaded EXERCISE thing, I ought to at least have some kick-ass music with me. of course.. it'll be a good way to kick-start my training for the walk this fall.

on the other hand... BLAH! yuck! I don't WANNA GO!!!! I hate the gym.. I really do. I always feel so out of place and dumb there. like everyone is looking at me wondering to themselves if I really think that my slow pace on the treadmill is gonna make a difference.

oh well. that's a whole other post.

so today.. I'm blah.

in other news, tomorrow is my dad's birthday. no joke! (get it? april fools? joke? HAH) anyways.. I told rhena she would be in charge with coming up with an idea for Grampa's cake (my folks arrive this coming weekend) for celebrating his birthday. This morning she told me that her grampie would just really want blueberry. hmmm. thankfully the child changes her mind on the regular, so maybe by saturday I can steer her towards something coconut. we'll see. either way, between the upcoming bake sale for church and my dad's b-day cake.. I should have some new stuff to post over in the crumbles blog.

alrighty.. time to hit the showers. happy monday, gang!


Anonymous said...

Oh cool! Zuney thing. Working out bites. I have decided that I can't focus well on the weight loss stuff til after SHEA: YEAR ONE is completed. Then I REALLY need to get back to exercising. This stomach thing is NOT going away on it's own gdmnit! Power to ya, mama!

Hanni said...

honey just load that zune up with some disco and shake your groove thang at the gym. Slow or not, at least you're there which is better than sitting at home and starving yourself.

Also, have you tried the classes? You usually don't have to worry about grunting nasty DUDES. Also you tend to see the same chicks over and over which gives you a kind of i-fit-here-too camraderie. Just my two cents cause you know i love to give it.

Choppzs said...

I hate gyms, and i hate working out! Period! lol

But I love sugary sweet things, and bread! lol Period!

Christi said...

I have a Zune, and I loved it...till it stopped working. It's with them right now, hopefully getting fixed. If it comes back and works again, then I will love it again! I like that I can watch movies on it while I work out if I like!