Thursday, March 13, 2008

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holy good gravy.... I guess I'm more available than I thought I was. I'd LIKE to say that I'm savvy in all of these interfaces, or that when I'm not posting here, I'm coming up with new and creative ways to contact my friends in the other mediums... but I'm not. I'm lazy like that.

but what else.. on the subject of faces.... you SHOULDA SEEN MINE last night when I finally watched American Idol. DING DONG THE GUIDO IS GONE!!!! seriously... troy and I watched it when he got home from work. I shit you not.. he and I were high fiving each other at 12:30 in the morning.

I've said it in other people's comments, but seriously. men biting lips is NOT SEXY!!!! and that WINK shit he did??? GAG!

Troy refused to watch the dude's "you might be leaving" performance, and while I can't blame him.. I DID make him look when I said that Paula was holding a $5 dollar bill up. snicker.

best part of it all was the cocky sopranos reject said something along the lines of him "not necessarily going home.. he was just in the bottom three". SUCKAH!!!! now shoo. be gone.

Paula should be stapled to her chair. I mean.. if I WANTED to see her shake her 100 year old saggy ass, I'd watch that gay assed video of hers again.

I also think troy has a secret man-crush on Ryan seacrest.. and this is so disturbing that I can't even talk about it now. ok, you win.. I will.

SERIOUSLY... you should see Troy's face when Seacrest is on. he gets this little SMIRK or something. His eyes dance with happiness... you'd think he was living in the 50's and his son Skip just sank the winning basket for the high school team. But then again.. he also likes that little asian chick contestant. All I see is choppy hair and outfits that scream "I belong in munchkinland".

I probably need to get out more.

speaking of out.. it's time to go get rhena. peace.

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Christi said...

I was so scared David Archuleta was going to go. Thank goodness! I LOVE him!