Thursday, March 20, 2008

the Last Supper

now you KNOW that here at the Fever I do a LOT of talking about food. I've also been doing a lot of bitching about how I can't wait to eat sweets and meat again when Lent is over.. but that's just me being good at bitching.

so a few weeks ago, we were talking about the Last Supper in my CCD class. Today is Holy Thursday in the Catholic faith, which commemorates Christ's last meal with his disciples. Now, whether or not you are Catholic (or some other form of Christianity) and believe in Christ as a form of a Savior... there is recorded history that a man named Jesus celebrated a Passover meal a long assed time ago with his closest friends the night before he knew he was going to die.


I have been. I mean.. let's put it this way. If you KNEW you were going to die tomorrow, who would be at your table? and what would your meal be?

I mean.. props to Jesus, cause Jewish or not.. if I knew I was checking out the next day, I'm not sure I'd want to keep to the whole unleavened bread theme of Passover. or maybe I WOULD.. hoping that one last nod of appreciation to my higher power would pull the swing vote for eternal good graces. but I dunno. I've been doing my own 'nod of appreciation' for lent, and seriously? I'm ready to get my eat on. if I was going to die tomorrow, I might just have to have some Chateaubriand. and bacon. oh my WORD I'd be mowing on some bacon.

And in terms of my guests.... for SURE I would want my nearest and dearest loves to be there. but would I, too have the courage to have those that have betrayed me share my last moments on Earth?

I've had a long time to reflect on my journey through Lent this year. in the past several weeks, I feel I have definitely been making better choices for my self, my family, and for sure, my soul. and it's not just about the foods I was or was not consuming. sure, that was a vehicle to get me to that place of thinking.. cause again.. momma loves some food. you want me to think about ANYTHING, then just attach it to some food, and I'll percolate on it all damn day. but it isn't and WASN'T about the food. it was about nourishment, growth, and living.

and while I feel I have definitely improved the nourishment, growth and living in a personal sense.. I still wonder if my OUTWARD sense of those attributes have improved. *IF* I were to die tomorrow, have *I* nourished, grown and lived for those in my life enough? I know I'm not ready to die tomorrow, so I'm going to say with confidence that the answer to that is NO.

so today, on this most Holy Thursday, I will celebrate that my dinner will most likely NOT be my last, and that despite Lent drawing to a close... my journey here is not.

so happy first day of spring to you, my readers. may it, and all of your days be filled with nourishment, growth, and LOTS of living.


Laura said...

Did you say something about bacon??

No..seriously...very well written, m'dear and amen to that.

Anonymous said...


I am thankful you are not going to die tomorrow. Nice Lenten wrap up, babe. Practicing what you preach is admirable. Wish many of our leaders did the same!

Ok going back to thinking about bacon.

Marianna said...

mmmmm bacon... lol

I've been thinking about my last stateside meal. There's a hot wings place in the mall. I think I may have to get me some hot wings! :)


Anonymous said...

So...I know you suspect I've shrunken into a side of one of the mountains on the Front Range. However, my preggers tummy says otherwise. Yes, we are expecting baby deuce in early August and I'm advised it will be a "she!" Just wanted to share the news. Let you know I still check in at the Fever every now and then. Blessings to you this Easter season. Deb

Laura said...

I have been waiting for the AI blog, but I know you've been busy. You cried a small Simba tear for Mufasa, didn't you?? DIDN'T YOU??

I knew it.
Happy Easter, yo!