Wednesday, March 12, 2008


no.. not talking about bathing suit shopping. though that'll have to be done soon, and I am NOT looking forward to it.

nah... today's dish of bitch is Danny. love my lil moo-moo, but holy ass baggers, batman!!! the child is cutting like 100 molars, and he is NOT HAPPY.

well.. he IS, (except, of course, when he's NOT) but he's been chewing on everything in site like a dog with rabies. add in his inability to use real words, and well.. the grunts seem very fitting.

I do feel bad for the kid. especially during the day. he just looks so MISERABLE. but night time.... uggg. he just lays there crying.. no.. SOBBING.

I finally caved and gave him some tylenol. I'm not a big fan of medicating when not absolutely necessary... but I think it's time. hopefully they'll cut through soon and we'll get over the hump. cause damn.. I miss me some sleep. sleep is absolutely necessary.

also on the missing front and still sticking with the torture theme... I've been spying some of my favorite foodie blogs lately.

uhhh.. what in HELL am I thinking??? let's see.. give up meat, drinking, and all desserts for lent... oh, *I* know what to do!!! put on Food Network HD!!! look at foodie blogs!!!!

I've even been formulating a plan to make some home-made petit fours and truffles. issues. I might as well go take a bath in hot fudge with duct tape over my mouth. I mean.. seriously.

11 more days to go. I can do this.


Anonymous said...

Shea is cutting another bottom tooth so I feel your pain. Also about the Easter countdown. Yours will be more fulfilling than mine since you sacrified more. Hoping I don't look like the mayor in one of the last scenes of Chocolat.

Laura said...

I kind of like the idea of bathing in fudge, minus the duct tape.

11 more days and I'm sending you some hot fudge, yo.

What you do with it is totally your bid-ness. ;P